Catching Shad Made Simple: How To Find and Catch Shad Easily

Catching Shad Just Got Easy!

Learn everything you need to know about locating and catching shad all year long explained in detailed, simple to follow instructions. No more guessing, learn from my fifteen years experience as a professional catfish guide. 

The Ultimate Resource On Locating and Catching Shad

If you want to become a successful blue catfish angler, there are a couple of things you need to understand.

First, you must have fresh bait

Frozen bait will never work as well as fresh bait no matter what you do.

Second, if you want to locate and catch blue catfish, you need to learn how to pattern and locate shad.

After fifteen years as a professional catfish guide I’ve learned a LOT about blue catfish and shad. Most people I talk to are focused on “spots” to catch blue catfish, which is a completely wrong approach. 

“Spot Anglers” Fail

Fishing a location because it was a “good spot” in the past or someone told you it was a “good spot” is never going to produce catfish consistently. 

If your relying on finding fish like this and being a “spot angler” then you will never be really successful catching good numbers of blue catfish.

This simple tip is the most important information I could share with you about catching blue catfish, and it is so simple it is almost ridiculous. 

Find The Bait, You Find The Fish

That’s it. When you find the bait, you find the fish. It's that simple.

Now that doesn’t mean every time you find bait fish you are going to load the boat with blue catfish.

What it does mean however is that understanding the nature of shad or “why they behave the way they do” will do more for your fishing than almost anything else you could learn, except for reading a sonar.

Even reading a sonar won’t do anything for you if you don’t get in the right area to look, that’s why you have to know how to find the bait!

Blue catfish are eating machines. They spend their life foraging on shad and they follow the shad. When you find large schools of shad, your going to increase your possibility of catching catfish significantly.

Not only is knowing how to find and pattern shad critical, but knowing how to catch shad is critical as well. To catch blue catfish you have to use the right bait. In most lakes and reservoirs (and many rivers) that “right bait” is shad.

Years ago, long before I became a professional catfish guide, I didn’t really understand how important understanding shad behavior and having fresh bait was. After fifteen years of experience as a pro catfish guide, I can tell you that understanding shad and having fresh bait is critical to catching fish. Period.

Knowing how to pattern shad points you to the fish. It puts the right bait on your hook. Putting the right bait in front of the fish in the right place changes everything. 

The complaints I hear from most catfish anglers is they either can’t throw a net or thet can’t find the shad when they learn to throw a net. 

Then when they do find the shad, then they can’t catch them. 

Once they finally get into a good pattern and start catching some bait, the seasons or weather changes and the bait fish move, and it takes them months to start finding and catching shad again.

Catching shad is not that difficult. You just have to understand what drives them, where they move, and why they move.

All this hunting, and chasing shad and wasting valuable time trying to find and catch them wastes a lot of valuable time that you could be fishing. It also really makes it difficult to know where you need to fish if you don’t really understand what the shad are doing and why.

Imagine knowing exactly what areas you need to start looking for shad all year long.

Imagine knowing exactly how to go about catching them once you get there, and having the right tools to do so.

Imagine understanding what controls the blue catfish pattern and actually being able to find fish.

Catching Shad Covers Everything You Need To Know To Be Successful Finding and Catching Bait (and Blue Catfish Too)!

Everything you need to know to be successful locating and catching shad, all year long and in easy to follow instructions.

This isn't some regurgitated information by some writer, this is exactly how I locate and catch shad all year long and make my living as a professional catfish guide based on "real world" hands on experience. 

You'll have access to all my experience in the catching shad program so you can skip the learning curve and get on the fast track to success. 

No more wasted time, no more driving around, wasting gas, and no more fishing with frozen bait for blue catfish, or even worse, some oddball bait that is never going to catch fish.

Catching shad is about so much more than just having the right bait though, it’s about finding and catching catfish. 

When you find the bait, you find the fish.

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What's Covered In The Catching Shad Program?

The short version is everything you need to know about finding, patterning and catching shad, start to finish. 

Everything from cast net selection to finding the bait and catching shad, all year long. 

You’ll be a shad-catching-blue-cat-chasing-ninja when you are done!

Here’s the details on what's covered in the catching shad program.......

The Right Gear For Catching Shad

Having the right tools to do the job makes all the difference, especially during certain times of the year. Not only do you need the right tools but you need to know what you need to do to them to make them work their best and you need to know how to use them.

The first portion of “catching shad” covers everything you need to know including:

  • The importance of patterning shad and how it impacts your fishing.
  • Introduction to cast nets
  • Important features you need to look for when choosing a cast net (all nets are not created equal)
  • Features to avoid when choosing a cast net.
  • In depth guide on choosing the right cast net for success. 
  • How cast net size, mesh size and weight affect your ability to catch catch bait in audio format.
  • How to prep your cast net so it will throw easily and make it much easier for you to catch bait. 
  • How to throw a cast net with step by step instructions. 
  • Video guide on how to throw a cast net
  • Step by step written guides with pictures to help you hone your cast net throwing skills. 
  • Throwing tips for catching more bait
  • The number one killer for not catching shad in deeper water (so simple it is almost ridiculous, but most people get it wrong).

Everything you need to know to get the right net, prepare it properly, throw it properly and start catching bait!

Patterning Shad

Exactly what prompts shad to move, when (and why) they move, and where you can go to find them. 

Once you understand what drives these fish, then they're very easy to find, and when you find the bait, you also find the fish.

The second portion of “Catching Shad” covers:

  • What drives these bait fish to “stack up” so you can catch them each and every time. 
  • Tips on finding shad, the areas they like to stay in and how to locate them in these areas.
  • The 9 major tools for finding shad on any body of water, regardless of where it is.
  • Impact of weather on shad (and fish) and why you need to understand this. This is possibly the most critical piece of information I could ever share about finding and catching shad, and blue catfish.
  • Total instruction on how water temperature impacts shad and why understanding this is so critical not only in your quest to catch shad, but also catch fish.
  • In depth guide on finding shad on sonar, including broadband, down imaging and side imaging screenshots that walk you through exactly what you are looking for on sonar when you go to catch your own bait.
  • Seasonal movements of shad or basic “shad 101″ and their seasonal movements and patterns.
  • In depth guide on each season and what threadfin and gizzard shad do, and why, so you know what is taking place and where to find them.
  • Exactly where I go in each of the four seasons to catch shad. 
  • Where I look, my prime “catching spots” in order of importance and also the basic water temperatures during each season, and how that impacts the shad

Fishing With Shad

All of the information on finding and catching shad is no good if you don’t understand what to do once you have your bait. 

This focuses on what happens once you have the bait in the boat, and some quick and simple tips for making sure you are successful.

The final portion of “Catching Shad” covers:

  • How to store your fresh caught bait once you catch it so you are not messing up your bait. Storing your bait wrong can make a hug difference, so I walk you through how to store shad.
  • How to bait your hooks with shad the right way, so you can land those catfish each and every time!
  • Everything you need to know to catch and fish with shad, no guessing!

It’s Not Just A Book On Catching Shad, It’s A Book On Catching Blue Catfish!.

All My Experience As  Pro Catfish Guide

You get the benefit of my 15 years as a professional catfish guide and countless years fishing for catfish prior to that in one nice neat little package.

I’m going to teach you everything you need to know to find and catch shad and how to pattern shad all year long, covering everything you need to know to be successful with the right bait and knowing the fundamentals of finding blue catfish.

Rather than wasting years trying to learn to find and catch shad and patterning blue catfish all year long you get the benefit of all my years of experiences and thousands and thousands of hours on the water.

Everything is instant! Buy the book and you will be reading it via instant digital download within minutes.

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"Frequently Asked Questions"

Does the information covered work anywhere?

Absolutely! The catching shad program is based on seasonal movements of shad and catfish. Threadfin and Gizzard Shad react in the same manner regardless of where they are in the United States.

Does the Catching Shad program help me if I don't fish from a boat?

Absolutely! While locating and catching shad is easier from a boat the basics of catching shad are the same from a boat or from the shore. If you don't fish from a boat Catching Shad will help you hone your skills and understand the essentials to catching shad from the shore, even in the winter. 

I've never thrown a cast net or tried to catch shad, is this going to give me the info I need?

Yes, the Catching Shad program will provide everything you need to know, even with no experience at all. Many people who've bought the Catching Shad program have never thrown a cast net or tried to catch their own bait before and have been successful on their very first attempt.

How can I get more information and get the free preview?

If you're still not sure then click here to sign up for our free preview by email. We'll send you some more information by email and give you a sneak peek into the Catching Shad program.