Bank Fishing For Catfish Tips, Plus Four Common Mistakes [Podcast Best Of]

Bank Fishing For Catfish Tips 450

I get emails and messages from people constantly wanting more information on bank fishing for catfish (catfishing from the shore or without a catfish boat) . If you’re a catfish angler that fishes from a boat, listen to this show also because there’s still some great information in this show that will help you in…

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Choose The Right Cast Net, You’ll Catch More Catfish Bait [EP3]

Choose The Right Cast Net, You'll Catch More Bait

Choose the right cast net and your quest to catch bait will be much easier. Choose the wrong one and you’ll have to work much harder (or you might not catch any shad at all). Using the right tool makes a difference with any job and it’s true when catching shad also. You wouldn’t try to…

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