The Ultimate Guide To Catfish Rods

Ultimate Guide Catfish Rods 450

Catfish rods are a segment of catfishing gear that I wasted a lot of money on over the years. I’ve wasted more money on rods that weren’t a good “fit” than any other area of catfish gear. Some of this was due to poor research on my part, some was due to manufacturer defects or…

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2015 Abu Garcia Reels [Exclusive Preview]

2015 Abu Garcia Reels New Releases

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Abu Garcia fishing reels. I’ve been accused of being a “fanboy” many times over the years because I only use Abu Garcia fishing reels and they’re the only reels I suggest to others. Are there other good brands of fishing reels for catfish on the market?…

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Chad Ferguson Signature Series Catfish Rod

Chad Ferguson Catfish Rod 450

After months of testing, tweaking and designing I’m pleased to announce the Chad Ferguson Signature Series Catfish Rod from Whisker Seeker Tackle is finally available. Whisker Seeker Tackle is accepting pre-orders now and the rods will begin shipping in late July 2014. This covers all of the information on the design, building, testing and the story…

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This DIY Fishing Line Stripping Tool Works Better Than All Others, Costs Less Than Thirty Cents

DIY Fishing Line Stripping Tool

I go to great lengths to keep good fishing line on my reels. I lost some great trophy class blue catfish early on in my career because I was fishing with old fishing line and have avoided it ever since by always making sure I have good fishing line on my reels. This means frequently…

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Tie Catfish Rigs Faster With This Leader Line Tip!

Leader Line Storage Trick

Leader line is used in most catfish rigs to help protect against the abrasive mouths of catfish, rocks, stumps and other items underneath the surface of the water that would cut or damage line and also to help serve as a “shock absorber” when a catfish strikes.Leader line is traditionally heavier than the main fishing…

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