Here’s What Catfish Edge Is All About


Here’s What Catfish Edge Is All About

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Hey, what’s up? I’m Chad Ferguson, the founder of Catfish Edge.Chad Ferguson Catfish Edge

If you’ve got a passion for fishing for catfish, then you’re in the right place.

Catfish Edge is something new for the sport of catfish fishing. We can’t publicly share everything that we’re doing right now, but we’ll be sharing more as time progresses and Catfish Edge continues to grow and evolve.

One thing ties everything we’re doing together though, it’s time for change.

Change is needed in the sport of catfish fishing.

The catfish anglers want it, the tackle companies want it, the tournament organizations and fishermen need it and unfortunately there’s nobody that has stepped up and and taken action.

It doesn’t matter if:

  • You’ve never fished for catfish before
  • You just have a little experience and want more
  • You’re a guide or seasoned tournament angler
  • You’re a casual “once in a while” angler
  • Your chasing catfish every waking moment of the day or night
  • You’re fishing stink bait for channel catfish or chasing monster blues or flatheads

Catfish Edge is for everybody, Catfish Edge is for YOU!

Interested? Keep reading to learn more, or just stick around and watch what happens. We’ll take you to the edge, the Catfish Edge.

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Here’s The Deal

I’ve spent a lifetime fishing for catfish and made a career of being a professional catfish guide. I’ve seen the sport grow and major changes take place over the past fifteen years.

Through that, there’s been a few thing that have changed very little. I’ve talked with tackle companies, casual anglers, guides, hardcore tournament fishermen and everyone else I’ve come in contact with over the years and heard the same things from almost everyone I’ve spoken with.

Somethings missing……….

I’ve watched people act like they were trying to “step up” to do something for the sport and do nothing but drag everyone who’s truly trying to change the sport down.

Often times as anglers we’re our own worst enemies. Demanding respect, wanting to be noticed, wanting companies to step up and introduce new or better products or even sponsor tournaments or events.

But then the media, the anglers or those that have a voice make the wrong moves and set everything back.

It’s a vicious cycle that needs to be broken.

What’s the best way to get involved, see what’s happening and up your game to catching fish?

About Chad Ferguson

I’m Chad Ferguson, a Texas based catfish professional catfish guide with over 13 years experience.

I own and operate North Texas Catfish Guide Service. I’ve been a die hard catfish angler my entire life and spent countless hours on the water catching blues, channels and flatheads both for fun and fishing with clients.

Lane Ferguson Record Catfish

I’m 40 years old (kind of painful to admit that), live in Saginaw Texas (Fort Worth area) and am happily married to my wife Leanne. I have two
kids (both who love to catch catfish). My son Lane even holds the Texas Junior Angler Blue Catfish Record and a variety of other water body records.

When I’m not fishing or talking about fishing then I’m usually in the field hunting or shooting something. I also write and take pictures for several magazines from time to time (all catfish fishing related).

In 2009 I started Learn To Catch Catfish after I spent a very long evening answering emails about catfish fishing. I realized I was answering the same questions over and over again and putting the information online would make it easier on me and make the information available to the masses.

I got out of the bed and bought the domain name and the rest was history.

Learn To Catch Catfish was an immediate hit, grew very quickly and has since become the most visited catfish fishing website online including online video, articles and podcasts. It’s been a wild ride and I’ve had nothing but tremendous feedback since I started the site.

While I’m the mastermind behind Catfish Edge there are many others involved in this project that we’ve chosen to keep “under wraps” for now.

I’ve been working behind the scenes for close to two years with some of the other top catfish guides, tournament pros and tackle companies in the country to build the vision of Catfish Edge, get support and get involvement.

As Catfish Edge comes to life you’ll see and hear from some familiar faces and share in our love for catching more and bigger catfish.

In the end there’s a group of people involved who share our vision, who truly want to see the sport grow and want to make a difference.

The Catfish Edge Vision

In late 2012 I realized that with my experience as a catfish guide and running Learn To Catch Catfish I was in a unique position to do something different and make a difference and the concept behind Catfish Edge was born.

It was just a passing idea that I couldn’t “shake”. I kept thinking about it began discussing the concept with other anglers, tournament pros and tackle companies and getting feedback and the response was overwhelming.

My vision was something everyone knew was needed, it just hadn’t happened.

Finally in mid 2013 Catfish Edge was born and I started working behind the scenes with some key people in the fishing industry to develop the concept and direction for Catfish Edge.

I’ve been secretive about the future because of past experience and truth be told, there’s a lot of unknowns at this point as to what Catfish Edge will look like in the end.

It’s a process of trial and error.

Its finding a crossroads of what the anglers are ready for and finding the people to support that.

It’s determining how to support that goal in the end and make it a functional, non-biased and a value driven model for everyone involved.

One thing remains true, it’s time for change and there’s no better time than the present.

There are catfish anglers across the United States doing great things, using new and innovative techniques and approaches to catch catfish and learning each and every time they are on the water.

There’s people from all walks of life being drawn to fishing for catfish and former “die hard” bass fishermen jumping ship and moving to the world of catfishing. The number of anglers who fish for catfish continues to grow and will only continue in the years to come.

There’s a massive change and innovation taking place with tackle companies that could change the way business is done forever.

Now is the time to take bold steps, take action and be progressive for it’s not the same old anglers using the same techniques. It’s not your granddaddies catfishing!

If you want to learn what’s going on, get the latest updates and be on the cutting edge of catfish fishing all you have to do is enter your email below and sign up.