How Can YOU Catch More Or Bigger Catfish?

Catfishing TipsI get about 50 emails a week that say “can you send me some catfishing tips” and nothing more so I’m doing something a bit different than the normal catfishing tips videos this week.

Over the past 14+ years as a professional catfish guide I’ve learned a lot along the way. I’ve had some amazing successes (and some horrible failures also) but i’ve learned from both and they’ve made me a better angler.

I try to learn from everything I’ve done and the countless hours on the water and then share that information with others so they don’t have to go through what I did.

Getting a bunch of questions will give me a good feel for what kind of questions you have right now, what catfishing tips you’re looking for and how I can help you catch more and bigger catfish by covering the right catfishing tips!

In addition I want to see if there are one or two topics that seem to have a lot of repeating questions or a lot of popularity, I’m going to do something very different here in the coming weeks and your questions will help me determine the direction.

Catfishing Tips: What Do You Want To Know?

All you have to do is leave a comment with a question or a quick summary of the catfishing tips you’re looking for.

Ask me anything about catfishing, the sky’s the limit……

Whether it’s a question about catfish bait, tackle, gear, rods and reels, techniques, boats, locating fish, sonar, even if you just want to know something about me, you name it, feel free to ask me anything.

Somebody emailed me the other day and asked me what kind of underwear I preferred for fishing.

That’s probably the strangest question I’ve ever gotten. It’s even more strange that I answered it.

Don’t worry about holding back. You can ask me any question you want.

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Here’s What To Do Now, Ask Your Questions……..

1. Watch The video below.

2. Leave a comment below and ask me anything.



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Catfishing Tips: How Can YOU Catch More Or Bigger Catfish?
What catfishing tips or information are you looking for? What can Catfish Edge do to help you catch more and bigger catfish? Check this out and let us know!
Summer Channel Catfish Techniques


  1. Grant Schellhase says

    i fish in the mobile river delta. on rivers and lakes. i love tight lineing for channel cats. But where do i cast my line?? these lakes and rivers are 50 to 100 yards wide. should i cast in the middle (deepest part) or should i cast closer to the bank (showler) or what ???

  2. Grant Schellhase says

    i fish in the mobile river delta on small lakes 50-100 yards wide . i love tight lineing for channel cats. Where should i cast. In the middle(deepest) or close to the bank in the cover(shallow)???

  3. John Oncken says

    I do a lot of shore lake fishing and many of the techniques i see are based on boats and in the middle of lakes. Are there techniques to catching cats from shore? Is it possible to fish for Blues from shore? BTW, keep doing what you do. I have learned a LOT from reading your emails and watching your videos.

  4. dukesoz . says

    Love your vids etc: I have been watching you for a few weeks now.
    I have never fished fresh water, I am a retired aussie, and have only fished pacific ocean.
    Very interested to start fishing,I will be fishing clarks hill lake, and savannah lock and dam in Augusta.
    Here’s my problem, I don’t have a boat, i will be bank fishing.
    So if you have any pointers for me and other bank fishermen,it will be really appreciated.


  5. Stacy Breesawitz says

    I’m always looking for info on locating channel cats in lakes. What should I be looking for when selecting a spot? Depth? Cover? Water temp? Time of day? Weather and barometric pressure? You know…pretty much everything!

  6. Allen says

    I fish Red River in southwest Arkansas and my biggest problem I have Is locating shad…I know you are from north texas and are probably familiar with the red. With that said can u offer any advice?

  7. Ed Willis says

    I fish the Missouri River in Missouri and use cut Asian Carp for bait .I would like to catch Moby Dick but not had much luck.So I would like to know how to locate the big ones on my sonar and where to fish for them on the river. I don”t have much time left getting older .

    • brandon says

      I also fish the Missouri river in Missouri using Asian carp and have a lot of luck with it. For one thing, use fresh carp. I know catfish tend to like stinky rotten stuff, but all we use is Asian carp, and they wont touch it once it gets stinky. Some of the places I’ve had luck catching big fish “50-80 lb range” is off the tips off wing dikes running right along the edge of the channel, in the what we called blow out holes which are the gaps in the dikes that the water pushes through, in large creeks joining the river….in fact we’ve caught 60 pound fish about 3 feet off the bank in 2-3 feet of water hundreds of yards up a creek before.. We’ve also had a lot of luck running along steep banks with a lot of current. Other people I know have also had good luck fishing the shallows areas off sand bars. Deep holes are also good. Honestly in my many years of fishing I have found that often times its a matter of trying numerous different places and finding where the fish happen to be feeding on any given day. Also, make sure you have the right gear to land a monster. I’ve had 60 pound line and very large hooks snapped like they were nothing by fish that hammered the bait. Good luck.

  8. Ernie Big-Ern Rouse says

    Hey chad love the info My question is I fish the banks of the great Miami river now blues are out of the question here but I’ve got some good 40+ flats but not in quantity by any means. There lots of dams there trapped in between and a lot of shallow places some deep channels and a lot of slower moving straight away parts. I’ve tried creek outlets, shallow and deep and mostly my luck is around bridges and fallen trees out in mid stream I’ve seen on low water days. What do you or anyone familiar with this river recommend doing to get more and or better flatheads I’ve got good gear I use bait from that water and sometimes goldfish or other strange things but I just can’t locate the good size fish in quantity. A lot of the bridges and dams have so much fallen trees and snags that I’m wasting more tackle and bait then just time. Please help me. I’ve resorted to pay lakes for big ol blues but they don’t fight like half sized river cats and for me it’s a family thing with the kids I want to teach them as well. Please give me some tips if poss on this particular river if you can. I’m from just north of cinci ohio and the river is all around me no more than 5-10 mins away. Thanks had keep slam in those big blues with your son!

    • Ernie Big-Ern Rouse says

      Mainly where to locate more or bigger cats out a river like this Fish the structure for the medium size guys or try for the slow straightaways for the holes. The ohio river to me seems totally backwards compared to the GMR

  9. Local Outdoors AZ says

    I’m from AZ and was wondering how to locate areas to fish for big blues at lakes such as Pleasant or Bartlett, day or night, structure or open bottom and how deep? Thanks!

  10. Wideload says

    I fish the savannah River below Clarks Hill Dam and below the Augusta Lock & Dam. What is the best bait for catfish in this river?

  11. Barry says

    When fishing deep( can be over 50 feet deep just 20 yards off the bank), clear, and rocky lakes, what do you look for in catfish structure. The shoreline of the lake i live on is 99% rocks and bluff walls. Every bank looks loaded with structure and it is tough to pick a starting point.

  12. Danny Howard says

    You have a really good website, loaded with useful information. I fish Lake Livingston as I keep my boat in a marina slip here, have been fishing it since before it filled up, and plan to retire here at the end of the 2014. Lake Livingston is a pretty solid blue cat fishery, but not as good for channels. Although I’m fairly familiar with my Lowrance HDS Touch, any specific tips on using the HD and side scan features to locate and catch more catfish would be appreciated.

  13. Randy Koonce says

    Hey Chad, I don’t have a boat and fish from shore only here in N TX. I’d love to get more tips, tricks, and information on locating channels and blues from shore all year round and any necessary techniques or presentations that may be unique to shore fishing. Thanks for all you do!

  14. SA1911SA . says

    I want to know ” How to pattern catfish”, I want to why the fish wants to be in this area vs some other location. What type of things I should be looking for when selecting a spot catfish may be. I can catch fish, just have a heck of a time finding them.


  15. Michel Duchesne Boulianne says

    What I want to know about catfishing ? I live near Montreal, Canada. We only have channel cats up here and they can be found in the st-lawrence and some tributaries. It’s a river system with strong current. Depending on where we fish, we need 2 to 6 onces weight to keep the bottom. For that reason, the secret catfish rig isn’t an option. We mostly use the slip sinker rig with a short leader,no roll sinkers and circle hooks with the barb cut off. We mostly do catch and release. We had good results using mackerels as bait. You need to know that the laws here forbid us to use most species you guys use in the south for cut baits. We’re looking for ways to increase our success rate. We most of the time fish from shore and sometimes the fish doesn’t seem to be there but when they are, we get a lot of action. What I want to know is about fishing in strong current. Strategies to get more scent in the water and get the fish to come where our baits are. We can only use one rod as laws also forbid us to throw more than 1 line per fisherman. I notice that we tend to have more success when we’re more people fishing the same spot. My guess is that it’s because we get more scent in the water this way. I’m open to any suggestions to get more bites, land more fishes and have more fun. Thank you.

  16. tim says

    I’ve been having a terrible time getting shad in my net from shore recently. Fishing grapevine this weekend. What should I be looking for? Thanks

  17. Major Brown says

    I fish for blue catfish off La Salle Lake in Illinois using drifting and suspended drifting techniques with the wind. I’d like to know how to be more effective with “walking” or “back bouncing” baits off the bottom and what a good trolling speed would be? I just bought a new Minn Kota Terrova with i-pilot and I hope that would give me more precision over controlled drifting. Any thoughts?

  18. Eddie Goodman says

    Thank you Chad for taking this to a Sport Level of Catfishing… This is Eddie and my question … I Jug Fish on Keystone Lake here in Oklahoma. I have been taking the information you been posting for rod and reel and using it for Jug Lines…. its been Working great… yes I have seen the videos of you on making them… With this new edge of catfishing do you have plans to cover good points for us that Jug Fish?

  19. Jim Tippett says

    I also am having trouble catching shad from the bank. I have the e-book on shad, but still having a time finding any !

  20. Brad Morris says

    Hi Chad, I’m not new to fishing but just gearing for catchfishing, mostly in OK and AR. Id like to know what kind of tackle/gear I need inc rods and reels, line test and rigging. I’ll be boat fishing and I’m also looking for technique if possible. Thanks for everything you do for this industry!

  21. Donald Garvey says

    Hey Chad, I fish exclusively from banks/piers, as I don’t have a boat. My question has to do with reels, I use mostly Spinning reels while fishing, but notice that a lot of folks are using circle baitcasters (Ambasseduers/millionaires etc) What is the benefit of using these reels (if any) and is it worth the extra money?

  22. Garrison Long says

    Chad, my question has to do with targeting flathead catfish. I usually fish Milford Lake in northeast Kansas, and I know they’re there, just not sure how to target them. Thanks for all the great products, articles, tips and tricks.

  23. backdraft101 says

    Do you have a favorite punch bait recipe and would you like to share it? Thanks enjoy your tips about cat fishing.

  24. says

    Allen, Check out the recent information on catching shad and the catching shad ebook we have available. We’ll probably cover some more information on this soon also!

  25. Joe Venable says

    I want to catch a trophy channel cat–in my state that is 12 lbs. I have caught them up to 9 lbs in the lake behind my house, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a 12-lber in there. I have to shore fish, so I can only fish certain locations where there’s an open bank. This lake is about 30 yards across and snakes through our neighborhood. It gets about 4′ deep in the middle (6′ in a few places). What is my best strategy for catching BIG channel cats? I have caught the most while fishing for carp using flavored corn and boilies (and chumming with a mix of corn, dried molasses, and oatmeal). I have caught a few using cut pieces of bluegill with a running rig. I have caught one small one using the secret catfish rig and punch bait. I thought about putting out three rods with cut bait on the bottom with bite alarms (like they use in carp fishing). While I wait for bites on those, I could be probing the entire area with the secret catfish rig at varying depths. Does this sound like a decent approach, or can you suggest something better? Thanks!

  26. Stan says

    Chad, I have all your premium products except one, and I have learned a lot. Summer channel catfish had a lot of information on structure up close to the bank. I would like to see a description of structure from shallow to deep and if there is any difference in shallow flats in relation to deep water. I fish
    a canyon style lake here in Texas that has clear water – does that made a difference?

  27. Stan says

    I have all but one of the premium products and have learned a lot. summer channel catfish had a lot on shallow water structure. I would like to see more on different types of structures. I fish in a canyon type lake in texas with clear water and the flats are all close to 20-50 foot water. will this change the patterns in channel catfish.

  28. Darryl Hammons says

    When fishing pay lakes for big flatheads/Blues….should i fish the deep holes or fish the banks for active fish. Whats the best bait and rig?

  29. Anthony says

    I see a lot of people asking about bank fishing due to not having a boat. I’m in the same category and fish the Potomac river which is know for some monster blues. My question, too, would be tips on bank fishing a river, especially a larger tidal river like the lower Potomac.

  30. Jason Peak says

    I’d like to know more information about prepared bait. I’ve had very little luck fishing for channel cats with stink baits or punch baits in the past. I fish about 50% in rivers (Cumberland river in TN or Ohio river in IN) and 50% in large lakes (Percy Priest and Old Hickory in TN, Kentucky Lake). When I can catch shad I can’t keep the fish off my hook, but there are times when the shad just seem to be on vacation. I can usually catch a few small channel cats with night crawlers, but I’ve tried every stink bait and punch bait on the market and can count the total number of fish I’ve caught on two hands. What gives? It seems like most of these products are fish repellant.

  31. steve says

    Bet your one busy guy right now, don’t know how you find time to do it all, but if you have time, I just would like to know how you set up when fishing from the boat. With the wind, jet skis, and other boats making waves, and rockin the boat, how do you keep a tight line, or does it matter if it’s a little loose? If I drop straight down below the boat to avoid this problem, would I just use larger splitshots, instead of a slip sinker set up? We fish from a pontoon, makes it even a little harder to keep it still in the wind.

  32. Jacob Coughlan says

    I have three questions. First of all, I often fish for catfish in a back channel of the Ohio River where I live in the northern panhandle of West Virginia.. I know there are catfish there because I always see other anglers catching them but I never have much luck. I know all about structure and cover and such, but I have trouble telling a good fishing spot while in a boat. I have a fish finder but I still seem to have a hard time finding a good spot. Any tips on finding the best spot in a river like the Ohio, especially in a shallow back channel? Second, what is the best tactic for cat fishing a 10′ deep hole in a local creek? Lastly, do you have any tips for cat fishing in a medium-large lake or resovoir?

    Thanks, Jacob

  33. James says

    I am fishing in percy priest lake in tennessee looking for big flatheads I do alot of jug fishing and catch a few fish using bluegill for bait just cant seem to find that honey hole can you help with that. They are alot of rivers running into that lake would it be better there. Thanks

  34. Mason orr says

    I I fish mostly from shore when I’m at the lake so I don’t have a fish finder to locate fish but I do have the Navionics app for my phone so I have all the depth contours what should I be looking for on the map to find likely spots to fish also should I be fishing rocky areas are sand beds flats are the fastest drop off so I can find any help would be great

  35. Steve Pryor says

    Would like your take on weather changes and how it affects feeding habits, location changes. I am fishing freshwater lakes in the south mostly for Channel Cats, 2-3 lbs..

  36. Terry says

    Looking forward to using CJ’s Punch bait and the Santee Rig you’ve described. My wife and I fish a lake in a pontoon boat here in Ohio for channel cats. Usually fish off some humps at about 35 feet using night crawlers. There is a damn with rocks that is around 35 feet deep we have not fished there because of hang ups. Should we try using a slip cork? We usually catch five 2-3 pounders fishing for about two hours at sunup.

    Thanks in advance for your reply

  37. Randy Hawkins says

    Chad I have been reading your articles on the types of punch bait you recommend and in these articles you have been saying CJ’s, Sure Shot and Team Catfish are ones you go to but I saw an article where you were talking about a Little Stinker punch bait. Are you using this punch bait now and is it better than the others?

  38. Gary Whitman says

    I would like to know were is the best place to catch some big flatheads in anderson sc or elberton ga . Me and my father in law love to catfish. He has been fighting cancer for the past two years and lwould like to have the memory of us cacthing some big cats. We do have a boat if that helps at all. Oh and what kind of bait is best to use. Thanks for any tips and your time

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