1. Chad,

    Put these on a waterproof pocket sized card (Sell them) or give them as a pro item.

    Good stuff


  2. i used to use a modified loop knot until several yrs ago & someone showed me how to snell a hook which i used until i seen yours I like the extra knot keeping the line from slipping under the snells used it since at times i used the trilene but my age & stiff fingers make it almost impossible anymore-Congradulations on the new boat

  3. i like your tips make things better. lots of ice here now,and no i don’t ice fish.thanks for your web site. bob

  4. Great tip on wrapping the leader on your finger tip when tying a trilene knot Chad. I know there are cats in the Capefear but how about the Lumbee river? Any other good holes near Ft Bragg?

    Thanks for the info.

  5. why can I not get dropper loop to tie? I know I am doing something wrong but can not figure it out, as I try to loop the line it just seems to spin. Please tell me where I am going wrong.

    • Sounds like you’re not keeping the loop “open” while turning the line or perhaps you’re twisting the line in the wrong direction relative to how you started your wraps…

  6. How does the Dropper Loop affect break strength of your line? Looks like that knot would reduce the effectiveness of your line

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