Jug Fishing 101
The Ultimate Guide To Jug Fishing For Catfish

Jug Fishing 101

Jug fishing is a great way of “passive fishing” and a much more effective alternative to fishing with trotlines. It's also much easier to fish with juglines than using trotlines. Plus it's a great way to get children interested in fishing.

In addition, if you are a rod and reel angler and are struggling to catch fish, jug fishing is a great way to learn how to pattern and catch fish and then become a better rod and reel angler from what you learn while jug fishing.

After a lifetime of fishing with trotlines I gave up rod and reel fishing and started jug fishing for catfish. It was easier, more effective and was much more fun. The problem I had was at that time, there were not any good jugline designs and there was a real lack of credible information.

In the 90’s I developed a jugline design based on a two liter soda bottle that would alert you when you had a fish. It was the most advanced jugline design of its time and just about every fishing magazine in the United States picked up this designed and started talking about it.

But I Still Wasn't Happy With The Fishing Jugs

I had a great design but the coke bottle jugs filled my 14 foot jon boat up to the brim and there was not any room to move around. My son and I could barely get in the boat because the coke bottle fishing jugs took up so much room.

So I kept tinkering around with designs and came up with a better solution. Through a lot of trial and error I perfected the design of a closed cell polyethylene foam catfish jug that was easy to store, performed great at catching catfish, and would alert you when there was a fish on the jug.

I started a small company and began selling these catfish jugs under the name of “Redneck’s Juglines”.

Over the years I sold tens of thousands of jugs to anglers all across the United States and to parks and wildlife and DNR agencies all across the country. They've even been used by Texas Parks and Wildlife and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for their surveys, they work that well.

Learn From a Pro Catfish Guide

My name is Chad Ferguson and I own and operate North Texas Catfish Guide Service and Catfish Edge. I’ve got a lifetime of experience fishing for catfish and over fifteen years of experience as a pro catfish guide.

In 2010, my business as a professional catfish guide and running the Learn To Catch Catfish website simply did not allow me the time to continue to manufacture the catfish jugs.

After years of making and selling these fishing jugs commercially I decided to stop producing them commercially and not only release the plans and instructions on how to build these fishing jugs, but also an in depth tutorial to get you started jug fishing for catfish.

This way I could still make these awesome jug fishing rigs available to anglers but could focus more on my guide service and website.

What Is Jug Fishing 101?

Simply put, jug fishing 101 covers everything you need to know to get started jug fishing for catfish, all in one place, in step by step easy to follow detailed instructions.

Jug Fishing 101 has a total of 3 hours of video and audio training that covers everything you need to know to make your jug fishing rigs and how to get started fishing with them.

Everything You Need To Know About Jug Fishing

Jug Fishing 101 covers everything you need to know to get started jug fishing for catfish from how to make and build the best catfish jugs to how (and where) to use them to catch catfish.

I’ll Show You How To Make:

  • Free Floating Drifting Jugs
  • Redneck’s Original Juglines
  • Redneck’s Fish On Flagging Juglines

Now, there's a lot of free plans on the internet that tell you how to make catfish juglines but every single set of these I have ever seen have provided bad information.

They not only tell you to use the wrong materials but they also give you bad information on how to assemble them and how to rig them.

After over 10 years of manufacturing and selling catfish juglines, I have perfected what works and what doesn’t, so you get the benefit of my 10+ years of experience so you can build juglines that will work and hold up, saving you time and money.

What You Won't Find In The Free Online Guides

  • Why you shouldn’t be using swimming pool noodles with holes in them
  • Why you shouldn’t be using rebar or threaded rods for flagging jugs
  • The quickest and easiest way to cut materials, so they will last
  • Exact dimensions and plans for the best performance
  • What the best baits are for jug fishing
  • Where to  get started and on the fast track to catching catfish

Everything is covered in step by step audio and video guides, plus you get downloadable instruction sheets that cover everything step by step as well so you can print them out and have them to use as you are making your own catfish jugs.

You see, I sold these juglines for 10 years and I know what works. I've tested, retested and tested again and know what to do to get the optimal performance from the device, and how to build the juglines so they will last for extended periods of time.

Here's What's Included In Jug Fishing 101

  • Instant Access – Sign up and get started immediately with the course. Everything is done online so there is NO WAITING.
  • Introduction to the Jug Fishing 101 Course Video – This is an introduction to the Jug Fishing 101 course and some of the information covered in the course, my background and some basics of what to expect.
  • Jug Fishing Ethics Video - Some information on how you can not only make sure you are fishing responsibly but also doing so without causing problems for others on the water (how you can keep from ticking everyone off) and some information on catfish conservation.
  • How To Make Drifting Catfish Juglines Video A step by step guide on how to make free floating “drifting catfish juglines” that are simple and easy to make and incredibly effective.
  • How To Make Redneck’s Original Juglines Video – A step by step guide on making the Redneck’s Original Juglines for jug fishing step by step guide.
  • How To Make Flagging Catfish Juglines Video - A step by step guide on making the Redneck’s Flagging Juglines for jug fishing step by step guide.
  • Choosing Which Juglines To Make Video – A simple walk through to help you determine if you should make the free floating juglines, orginal juglines or flagging juglines to get started jug fishing for catfish.
  • Simple Hack For Setting Line Depth Video – This is a simple add on that can attach to the device for easily storing and setting the lines when jug fishing.
  • Setting Line Depth and Storing Fishing Jugs Video – A quick tutorial that shows you another method of setting line depth, and how to go about storing your catfish jugs when you are not jug fishing.
  • Jug Fishing Tackle, Hooks and Gear Video – This is an in depth guide on choosing your hooks for jug fishing, the tackle and gear you need to get started rigging your juglines including the best line and terminal tackle and weights.
  • Rigging Juglines Video – The exact approach to rigging juglines from adding mainline and hooks to everything you need to get started adding your line to the jugs.
  • Laws and Safety Video – A guide to walk you through what to do to keep yourself safe and injury free when jug fishing as well as a discussion of common regulations like gear tags and other common legal requirements.
  • Catfish Baits For Jug Fishing Video – This is the tutorial that eliminates all of your guesswork when it comes to catfish baits. I talk about some of the requirements of jug fishing baits and walk you through some common, and very effective catfish baits to use for jug fishing.
  • Jug Fishing Locations Video – This is the tutorial that eliminates your guessing on where to start jug fishing. I cover some basics on how to choose locations and depth when jug fishing for blue, channel and flathead cats and how to find these locations on your home waters, so you know where to set your jugs when you start fishing.
  • Jug Fishing Action Video – This is just a short action video that I shot while out on the water. You see the juglines in action and witness me and my son pulling in a few blue catfish as well as a trophy class catfish on a Texas lake.
  • Plus downloadable written step by step instructions on everything you need to know. So you can print them out and follow along as you are building your catfish jugs.

P.S. Regardless of your skill level fishing for catfish this is the absolute best way for you to get get started with or improve your jug fishing skills. You’ll save a tremendous amount of time and money and be catching more catfish immediately. Plus, there is no risk, if you are not happy your money will be refunded in full!

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

We're so confident in Jug Fishing 101 we offer a 30 day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. If the product does not live up to any the claims stated here. I don't want your money, and I'll give back every penny back to you. No hassles and we can part as friends. 

100% Money-Back Guaranteed.

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Chad Ferguson, Catfish Edge