Quick Cleat Is Not Your Every Day Boat Cleat

Quick Cleat Boat Cleats For Your Catfish Boat

Several months ago the team over at Quick Cleat contacted me and wanted me to check out their product. They’d read some of my suggestions for boat cleats and wanted me to try their product.

They claimed they had a boat cleat that was better than anything else on the market. They wanted me to do a review on their products and share some information on them.

I was skeptical when I discussed the product on the phone with the Quick Cleat team but agreed to give it a try and see how well it worked. When it showed up I still wasn’t convinced that it would work for me but it was obviously a quality built product that a lot of thought and time had gone into, so I decided to give it a test.

The Quick Cleat Review

I installed one of the Quick Cleat boat cleats on the boats of two of my friends and let them run the first phase of testing. Within a week both of my friends had good feedback so I installed a Quick Cleat on my boat and started testing the product in different applications.


I used the Quick Cleat for mooring the boat at the marina for and it worked well. It was much faster than fighting with the traditional cleats and trying to tie knots. There was no doubt basic mooring in marinas and to boat docks was a great application.

Drift Socks: 

I did some basic testing with some smaller drift socks just to see how it worked. My primary drift socks are the Cabela’s Advanced Angler Drift Socks and the Advanced Angler Drift Harnesses. The thick nylon webbing won’t work with any boat cleat. I used some smaller drift socks with ropes and the Quick Cleat just to test the function and did so without issues.

When drift fishing I usually attach the drift socks to my Bee Ready Rod Holders so I really don’t have the need for cleats when drift fishing but I see no reason why they wouldn’t work perfect for drift socks as long as you use rope for drift harnesses.


When I tested the Quick Cleat for anchoring it worked well and I was immediately impressed with how easy it was to set and release the rope as well as make simple adjustments to the length of the anchor line.  The easy of use was night and day different from any other option I had used in the past.

I’d been fishing for channel catfish in shallow water and using a combination of my DIY Shallow Water Anchors and Digger Anchors when I was in water too deep for the shallow water anchors. The Quick Cleat performed well and continued to impress.

A few weeks later I moved back out fishing for blue catfish in deeper water and was anchoring on structure. The wind picked up the first day and I ran into problems with the anchor rope slipping in the cleat.

Through trial and error I finally figured out that the old twisted rope I had on one of my anchors was causing the rope to slip in the cleat. The braided rope on my other anchor performed flawlessly. I replaced the twisted anchor rope with braided rope (it needed to be replaced anyway) and didn’t have any more issues.

I haven’t anchored in any really high winds since that day but continue to test and use the quick cleat product in different applications. With winter approaching there’ll be plenty of opportunities to anchor in high winds so I’ll be able to test anchoring with Quick Cleat in thoroughly in the coming months.

Where Quick Cleat Excels

One of my biggest frustrations with cleats is that they are always in the way. The design of most boat cleats (regardless of which style they are) causes them to interfere with other activities on the boat.

I’m constantly hanging my cast net and fishing line on cleats and am snagging my clothes on them. It seems no matter what I do my Gore-Tex bibs, coat, jeans, shirt sleeve or something is getting hung on the cleats in my boat.

Quick Cleat eliminates these issues with it’s low profile design. There are no corners to snag clothing, cast nets or fishing line on and the low profile design virtually eliminates the frustration of tripping on cleats when moving around.

In addition, the ease of use and ability to quickly and easily adjust the line in the Quick Cleat allows you to make super fast adjustments when you need more or less line.

Does Quick Cleat Work?

From what I’ve seen so far, the Quick Cleat works and works well.

I did have issues with the twisted rope slipping in the cleat but that was not because of the function of the cleat. It was old rope that really shouldn’t have even been used as anchor rope. With correct anchor rope the cleat functioned perfectly.

I’ll continue to test the quick cleat product and update if anything changes in the future.

Quick Cleat Product Details

Quick Cleat is all metal so there are no concerns with breaking the product through normal day to day use of a boat.

There is a small spring in the bottom that forces the mechanism closed so it grabs the rope. I was a bit concerned that it would break or even get “memory” in it through long term use and stop working correctly. I forced the cleat in an open position to put pressure on the spring and let it sit for several days and when released it still performed as expected.

The product comes in three sizes which are 2, 3 and 4.

  • 2 inch works with 1/4” lines and is suggested for bait buckets, dock bumpers and kayak gear.
  • 3 inch works with 1/4” to 3/8” lines and is suggested for boat bumpers, mooring and anchor lines.
  • 4 inch works with 1/4” to 1/2” lines and is suggested for docks, mooring and anchor lines.

There are black and chrome models available in all cleats except for the 2 inch which is available in black only.

If you plan on adding cleats to your boat for the first time or doing some upgrades to improve convenience or performance then the Quick Cleat product is definitely an excellent option to consider.  Adding or upgrading a cleat on the nose and rear of a catfish boat is a great performance upgrade and one of those little fishing tips many anglers overlook (especially if you’re tired of hanging your cast net on things when catching shad).



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