What Is Catfish Edge? [Catfish Edge Podcast EP 2]

What Is Catfish Edge - Catfish Edge Podcast Episode 2The Catfish Edge Podcast is back with Episode 2 this week.

We mentioned in Episode One of the Catfish Edge Podcast we’d be doing a couple of shows with some “housekeeping” of sorts to help fill in the blanks and answer some of the questions about the transition from Learn To Catch Catfish to Catfish Edge (as well as the change from Catfishing Radio to Catfish Edge).

Plus as promised we wanted to let everyone know what Catfish Edge is (and isn’t) and what you can expect from us going forward.

This is the last show if this nature we’ll be doing for a while so be on the lookout for future shows that cover the tips, tricks and information that you’re looking for to put you on the cutting edge of catfishing.

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What Is Catfish Edge?

The show starts with some quick introductions and a little about me, Chad Ferguson.


Spring Blue Catfish on Fox Sports Outdoors

I’m hosting the Fox Sports Outdoors show (formerly Southwest Outdoors Report) again this week. The name of the show has changed it now airs on Fox Sports Southwest and Fox Sports South as well.

This show will air Thursday April 10th at 10:30 PM and Saturday April 12th at 7:30 AM on Fox Sports Southwest.

On Fox Sports South the show will air at 6:00 PM on Thursday April 10th and at 8:00 AM on Sunday April 13th.

As always as soon as the full episode is released online I’ll post it here on the Catfish Edge website also. If you haven’t done so already be sure to heck out the last show I hosted on Drift Fishing for Winter Blue Catfish here on the site.

You can check out a sneak peek preview of this weeks show on Fox Sports Outdoors here.

If you’re looking for more in depth information on catching blue catfish in the Spring then check out the Spring Blue Catfish Techniques book and the other products on the products page here.

Outdoor Life May 2014

In addition to the Fox Sports Outdoors show I have a feature running on catfish fishing that will be in the May 2014 issue of Outdoor Life magazine.

Keep an eye out for this issue as it will be hitting news stands any day.

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Catfish Edge Show Topics

Finally we talk about what Catfish Edge is and isn’t and what you can expect moving forward.

What Is Catfish Edge?

The short version of this is that Catfish Edge is going to be involved in many more aspects of the catfish fishing world that Learn To Catch Catfish was and will be doing some big things.

We can’t share all the details right now but here’s the short version of what to expect and the bullet points of what we cover:

Many of the same things you’ve seen at Learn To Catch Catfish will be continued at Catfish Edge. At first it might seem the same thing even just a different name but we’ll be laying the groundwork to do some bigger things as we progress.

Catfish Edge will have a more “varied” focus on different levels of experience and areas and not so focused only on basic information geared towards beginners or “basic” information.

Who’s involved in Catfish Edge?

Besides Chad Ferguson, there’s some other people (and companies) involved but they will remain “behind the scenes” at least for now.

What happens to Learn To Catch Catfish?

It will still be around but for now the focus will be on Catfish Edge and the Catfish Edge podcast.

You’ll see a much bigger involvement in the future with the sport of catfish fishing in different areas. There’s some exciting things taking place in the sport with many companies putting focus towards catfish anglers. We’ll be in the big middle of what’s taking place so we can not only help serve as a resource for anglers, catfish guides and catfish tournaments but the companies that are involved also.

Is Catfish Edge a Tackle Company? Website? Apparel Company?


Catfish Edge is not a “tackle company”, simply a “website” or an “apparel company”.

Catfish Edge is about a lifestyle that catfish anglers live, the products and news they are interested in and promoting the sport of catfish fishing and changing the perception that others have of catfish anglers.

Bottom line, promote the sport, give it additional exposure and do so in a much more professional manner than most have traditionally done in the past.

Stepping Up For Catfish Conservation……

There’s a wide variety of conservation issues catfish anglers are facing across the country with pay lakes, over harvest, trophy catfish conservation, noodling and a variety of other issues.

There’s a lot of duplication of efforts and lack of a common voice and shared resources so we’re positioning to fill a void and take a much more active role in conservation issues in the future and serve as a resource across the country.

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New Media and a New Approach

Now that our technology issues are resolved with the new site we’ll be doing a lot with “new media” and venturing into some areas that have never been done before in the fishing world, especially the catfishing world.

You can expect to see more video and podcasts short term and long term we’ll be using some other technology to connect with everyone.

We Gotta Pay The Bills…..

We have to pay the bills and generate income to support what we’re doing. We’ll continue to produce “products” and other items that are for sale but we’re hoping to have a much lower barrier to entry in the future.

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What Is Catfish Edge? What We're Doing and More! [Catfish Edge Podcast EP 2]
The Catfish Edge Podcast is back answering your questions for those wanting to know, what is Catfish Edge. We cover what you need to know here this week and tell the story about the future of Catfish Edge.
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