1. Well welcome to the world of kayak fishing Chad! I have to admit I would have never dreamed that you would be using one let alone fishing out of a kayak. I’ve been fishing out of kayaks for about 5 years now, mostly due to some pro catfish guides website that I frequent insisting that you must get out on the water! I used to think that I was the only person with a Catfish Edge sticker on my yak, which looks amazing and of course the fish just jump into the yak as I paddle by.

    A kayak cart may be something you might consider if you can’t get easy access to the water. It’s really easy to load up everything and just walk it down to the water, and strap the cart on the back of the yak. Also there are several decently cheap kayak anchors around that seem to hold pretty well when used with a DIY anchor trolley system.

    Your DIY short water anchor poles work well when stuck through the scupper holes, but it can be a battle on a windy day.

    Awesome looking yak.

  2. Hey Chad,

    Great article and video as always. Been a big fan for years now. I have been looking into kayak fishing lately and wondering who makes one suitable for catfishing. When time and funds allow I am planning on getting a yak and getting out on the water. I would say some good solid rod holders and good planning on what you take should be really all you need. A company called yak attack is known for having quality accessories. Sonar would be awesome but that gets pricey. Thanks again for putting out good articles and videos! Keep up the good work!

  3. Chad,

    I’ve been reading your content for a long time, and first I want to thank you for helping me catch more catfish! When talking about catfishing, I always say, “well Chad says…”. One of these days I’ll make it out to Eagle Mountain!

    I’ve been kayak fishing for about a year now, much of it for catfish. Look into an anchor trolley system because it allows for much better positioning in current and wind than without one. You can use your anchor of choice, or even a drift sock. Wind is always a HUGE factor in a kayak. Unless I’m LMB or white bass fishing on a day with very little wind, I depend on my anchor trolley to keep me facing the direction I want to be facing. It’s also a matter of safety. If there are big waves or I’m in current, I want the waves or current coming towards the bow or the stern. Otherwise, the risk of getting flipped over increases. You probably have less to worry about on something as stable a Lure than on other kayaks though. Personally, I like the Yak Gear products for the trolley and anchor kits.

    Welcome to the kayak world!

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