1. Hi Chad – your links are broken. I clicked on the Abu Garcia link and get versa rattles. There is nothing under ‘Here’s the Video’. This is meant strictly for you so remove from comments if it shows up there.

  2. I enjoy watching and reading your articles. I fish around Avery Island Louisiana it is tidal water and would like to know if you have any tips on that for me? I have many of the Whisker Seeker Rods. They are truly amazing.

  3. Hi Chad,

    I realize that a lot of folks enjoy the videos, but other than a visual, they are not nearly as much use as is a written article with pictures.

    To me, it is like this…You can show someone something, but memory is short lived so a hard copy should be available for reference.

    I won’t lie, I do cut and paste articles for future reference. It just seems to work better for me. As crazy as it sounds, spoken words don’t work nearly as well as text. The visuals are great, but the text and photos are much better for retention and reference.

    Best Regards, Jim 🙂

      • One thing thatt would help people understand, and deaf people to even be able to enjoy your videos is a trranscript that can be printed out.
        If they are i9mportant enough top share, please don’t forget to share with older hard of hearing people, and even more so those that can’t hear/understand anything.
        One of the affected ones, I can’t understand what noise I do hear.

  4. Thanks Chad always enjoy your vedios. I fish for Blues on Lake Barkley and KY Lake. Your advice is very helpful.

  5. Hi Chad have you ever fished on the crow river in mn for channel cats? The flooding in the spring is to much of a challenge for me. Any ideas?

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