1. Hi Chad,
    Mounted an Onix SI 8 and 10 on my 1989 basstracker aluminum (got them both new for $2500 before Solix came out. Only had it out twice in last year or so as have been caring for sick mom. Anxious to use all of their features including the Autochart. Will probably get the zerolines card. Can you take screenshots to the zerolines cards since other slot probably has map card? I think I have read where you can see the hard bottom and vegetation layers live on those units too? Any more info on the autochart feature would be great. Ultrex is great! Helped friend mount one and it’s proven very useful.

  2. Chad, you are only getting 100 hours on your ZLC because you should not be recording directly to it. Only use the ZLC in your unit as a map. Do not use it to record or transfer data. I suggest you close the security tab on the ZLC whenever it is in your unit. At the end of each day put a dedicated blank SD card in the left slot and you will get a message asking if you want to download to SD card and erase the head unit’s memory. Say yes. Then take your SD card to your computer and add the data into AutoChart PC or AutoChart Pro. After all data has been added, open the security tab on your ZLC and upload your mapping data to the ZLC. Then close that tab again before you stick it back in the unit and you can use the ZLC in your unit as a map (only). When you use the ZLC for storage you are filling it with a ton of unnecessary data. You can go back with your filled up ZLC and transfer that data into AutoChart and back to the ZLC as maps and then erase all those junk files you put on there when recording. Hope that helps.

  3. The Zero Lines Card will hold MUCH more than 100 hours of data recording. If doing a Sonar Log recording, much more data is recorded and will fill up a regular SD card pretty quickly, but Autochart Live will record MANY 100’s of hours of recording.

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