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Chad Ferguson is a native Texan based in Fort Worth who might as well had a fishing rod in his hand when he was born.

Some people claim he’s one of the few people on earth that “thinks like a catfish”. Chad’s spent a lifetime fishing for catfish and the last fifteen years as a professional catfish guide as the founder of North Texas Catfish Guide Service (Catfish Edge Guide Service).

With over fifteen years experience as a professional catfish angler guide he ventured into more areas of the “catfish world” with a vision of changing the sport of fishing for catfish.

Chad owns and operates North Texas Catfish Guide, Texas largest and longest running fishing guide service for catfish and is still an active fishing guide but has ventured into outdoor media and products specific to catfish anglers as well as growing and promoting the sport of fishing for catfish.

Chad’s had his hand in the local and national catfish scene since the late 90’s and also developed numerous successful catfish tackle and bait products over the years.

He’s also one of the pioneers of rod and reel fishing for trophy catfish and the promotion of catch and release fishing for trophy class catfish.

He started the Learn To Catch Catfish website in 2009 with a vision of helping other anglers learn how to catch catfish. Learn To Catch Catfish was a huge success and lead him to his latest venture, Catfish Edge.

When asked about Catfish Edge, here’s what he had to say:

I’m taking a much bigger involvement in the growth and direction of catfish fishing in several different areas. There’s some exciting things taking place in the sport with many companies putting focus towards catfish anglers. We’ll be in the big middle of what’s taking place so we can not only help serve as a resource for anglers, catfish guides and catfish tournaments but the companies that are involved also.

Chad Ferguson is a published author with numerous books to his credit and also occasionally writes and photographs for magazines on catfishing topics. You can find his articles and photographs in publications like In-Fisherman, Outdoor Life, Field and Stream, Texas Fish and Game and others.

In 2013 Chad also joined Barry Stokes Fox Sports Outdoors show (formerly Southwest Outdoors Report) as a regular guest host on catfish fishing. You can find some of his past shows here on the Catfish Edge website like the Winter Drift Fishing show and Spring Blue Catfish show.Keep an eye out on the Fox Sports Outdoors show for future episodes or sign up for the Catfish Edge mailing list to receive alerts as well as other cutting edge catfishing information.


Chad lives in Fort Worth Texas with his wife Leanne, his son Lane and his daughter. When he’s not fishing for catfish or doing something related to catfishing he’s usually hunting, shooting or participating in some outdoor activity.

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