Drift Fishing For Catfish [eBook]

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Everything you need to know to start drift fishing for catfish in simple, easy to follow step by step instructions from pro catfish guide Chad Ferguson.


Get on the water and start catching fish immediately, and in the process learn a tremendous amount of information about locating and catching catfish while you’re catching fish.


Covered by the Catfish Edge 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied for any reason in the first 30 days after purchase we’ll refund your money in full! Instant digital download ebook, 101 pages.



Drift Fishing CatfishDrift Fishing for Catfish covers everything you need to know to start catching catfish with drifting techniques from professional Catfish Guide, Chad Ferguson in simple, easy to follow step by step instructions.

Drift fishing for catfish can be a very productive way to locate and catch blue catfish and channel catfish.

Anglers of all experience levels use drift fishing techniques for catfish with great success. It’s one of the top items I’m questioned about.

Whether you are a seasoned angler looking to increase your skills and start putting more fish in the boat or a total beginner and you want to quit wasting time on the water and start catching fish, Drift Fishing For Catfish covers all the information you need to get started drift fishing for catfish and actually catch fish. 

Drift fishing is an excellent way to start catching catfish and gain experience learning to pattern and catch catfish.

It doesn’t require the pinpoint precision and accuracy that fishing “on anchor” does and you can take more of a “shotgun” approach.

Drift fishing is also an excellent way to get on the water and start catching fish immediately, and in the process learn a tremendous amount of information about locating and catching catfish while you’re catching fish.

There are times when fishing on anchor is a better option for catching catfish but there are also times where drift fishing is going to produce the most fish or the biggest fish.

Half the battle is understanding when, where and why you approach fish drifting and when to fish on anchor.

Learn From A Professional Catfish Guide!

Chad Ferguson CatfishMy name is Chad Ferguson and I’m a professional catfish guide based in Texas.

Drift fishing is one of the many techniques I use as a pro guide to locate and catch catfish at different times of the year, and it works well for me not only for producing excellent numbers of one to ten pound blue catfish but also trophy class blue catfish as well.

Years ago I didn’t have the extensive experience I have now. After over fifteen years as a fishing guide and countless years fishing for catfish exclusively prior to that I have really “honed” my skills in many areas.

I spent a lot of time way back then “drifting”.

I often fished in the wrong locations, used the wrong rigs, and had the problem I call the “kiss of death” for drifting, because it’s a deal killer and will cause you to not catch fish, ever.

We always caught fish back then, but I was doing it all wrong and made a lot of mistakes. I could have caught much more fish and my fishing time could have been much more enjoyable.

Fast forward to today and things are much different.

After 15+ years experience as a professional catfish guide I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time on the water using a variety of techniques for catching catfish and I’ve learned a lot along the way. Drift fishing is one of the techniques I’ve perfected. I have it down to a science and it works!

The techniques I use for drift fishing now are totally different than the techniques I used way back when, and my success has changed as well because I have learned exactly what to do when it comes to drift fishing for catfish.

Success Catching Catfish Is SIMPLE With The Right Teacher!

Rather than waste countless days on end on the water making mistakes and learning through trial and error like I did you can get on the “fast track” to catfishing success and learn everything you need to know about drift fishing for catfish, learning from my experience.

Why Drift Fishing For Catfish?

I put together the Drift Fishing Techniques program for a few reasons.

First, this is one of the techniques I get the most phone calls about from people wanting “teaching trips” with me as a guide. They want to book fishing trips with me and learn all of the details about how, when and where to drift fish for catfish.

Second, when people are on my guide boat and they see me set up for drift fishing, they are often amazed at not only how I go about fishing this way but also how well it works. The “details” that make drifting so easy and effective are often what “blows them away”. When they get to see first hand exactly what I am doing and why, it takes things to a whole new level because they get to see all the “little things” that make these techniques work.

What’s  Covered:

Simply put, everything you need to know to get started or “up your game” when it comes to drift fishing for catfish with simple easy to follow instructions.

Drift Fishing Techniques includes a 100+ page ebook and a 10 minute video tutorial that covers everything you need to know about drift fishing and “strolling” from start to finish. Everything is covered from bait, tackle and equipment, boat control, target locations, when and where to drift fish and more.

Here’s How This Will Help!

Here’s a closer look at some of the information covered in this program.

Drift Fishing Basics

  • Drift Fishing CatfishIntroduction to drift fishing and strolling – An overview of drift fishing and strolling, what the differences are and a good explanation of when and where each technique applies so you’ll know exactly which technique you should be using and when and why you should use it.
  • Tackle and gear for drift fishing – The rods, reels and tackle you should use and why so you’ll stop wasting money on stuff that doesn’t work and invest in the right gear that actually catches fish, that is if you don’t have it already.
  • The best weights for drift fishing that reduce the number of snags and “break offs” saving you tackle and time and how to make these sinkers for pennies on the dollar compared to those sold by big name tackle companies.
  • Rod holder placement – An in depth tutorials on rod holders, why you need them and exactly where rod holders should be installed on your boat for success and getting the most “bang for your buck” with rod holders by using a simple configuration for drifting and strolling. The simple fact of setting your boat up correctly and not wasting money on rod holders will pay for this program.
  • Catfish rigs for drift fishing, exactly which catfish rigs to use for drift fishing for catfish so you can get setup for success from the very beginning. No trial and error and no experimentation required.
  • Catfish baits for drift fishing, exactly which baits to use for channel catfish and blue catfish when drift fishing. No guessing, no trial and error these are hands down the absolute best baits to use when using these techniques and they catch fish!

Boat Control Essentials

  • How to choose the right drift socks and how important this is. You’ll avoid the mistakes that 99% of anglers make when it comes to buying drift socks or the first time.
  • How to build a drift chute if you are fishing from a pontoon or other larger boat or don’t want to invest in drift socks I’ll teach you step by step how to build a drift chute for drift control.
  • My drift control secret, the “redneck boat brake”. This simple device will stop your boat in it’s tracks in even the strongest winds and I can also be used as an alternative to store bought drift socks. This alone will pay for the price of the Drift Fishing Techniques program and you’ll be the only one catching fish on really windy days.
  • Using drift socks, learning boat control, where to place your drift socks and why. Rather than spending days, weeks or even months trying to learn the basics of drift control you’l be on the fast track to success so you can focus on catching fish and not learning the “boring stuff”.

Drift Fishing For Catfish

  • Texas State Record Catfish Caught Drift FishingDrifting and strolling – more information on drifting and strolling for catfish and in depth explanations of exactly when, where and why you would want to use these techniques for catching catfish, and when you shouldn’t use these techniques.
  • When to drift fish, in depth explanation on when you should approach fish by “drifting” for them and how to learn to be a better angler when you are drifting. You can “kick it up a notch” and learn to pattern fish which will also help you catch catfish when fishing on anchor.
  • Structure 101, understanding structure and how it relates to drift fishing. You’ll learn exactly what structure is like points, humps, flats, channels, ledges etc and how they relate to catching catfish and why.
  • Drifting blind, the approach most anglers take when it comes to drift fishing for catfish, the absolute worst mistake you could make. If you want to catch fish you should avoid this at all costs!
  • Target locations, where you need to look for catfish when drift fishing and why!
  • The KILLER mistake that makes the difference between fishing and catching. Do this wrong and you will not catch anything. It’s so simple it’s ridiculous but most anglers do this all wrong!
  • The simple casting pattern secret that keeps your lines from tangling. It takes most anglers years to learn this, some never learn at all and it will save you hoursevery time you are drift fishing and keep your baits in the water so you can catch fish.
  • The “a-ha” moments or “little details”, these are the things people fishing with me see and say “now I know what I was doing wrong”. I cover seventeen frequently asked questions that will save you a lot of time, a lot of frustration and help you catch more fish.
  • Strolling for catfish and how different it is from drift fishing. You’ll learn the essentials of rod placement, drift sock placement and more for strolling!
  • Suspend drifting for catfish, when, where and why you would want to target catfish that are suspending using drift fishing techniques.
  • Common mistakes, to save you time and money and help you catch fish. A recap of the biggest mistakes that most anglers make and how to avoid them.
  • Sonar 101, some basic sonar screenshots to help you understand what you are looking for on your “fish finder” to start catching fish.
  • Target times and locations, a season by season overview of drift fishing and factors to consider when choosing to drift or anchor.
  • Finding fish – I take actual lake maps of structure and cover what you commonly see in these areas and how you would approach fishing them using drift fishing techniques.
  • Drift fishing 101 a two page summary “cheat sheet” of the most important tips so you can print this and take it to the lake with you and have a reference handy!


The Catfish Edge Guarantee

Drift Fishing Catfish comes with the Catfish Edge 100% satisfaction guarantee so there’s no risk to you.

Just to let you know this is the “real deal” and not some gimmick, your money will be refunded in full if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.

Just contact us within 30 days and we will refund your money in full if you are not completely satisfied.

Like A Guided Trip, Fraction Of The Price
Drift Fishing For Catfish covers exactly how I go about drift fishing for catfish and more information than you would be able to learn with a single day on the water fishing with me. Rather than paying hundreds of dollars to come spend a day on the boat with me you learn everything you need to know to get setup for success and start drift fishing the right way, so you will actually catch fish.

Plus with the money saving tips on choosing the right gear, losing less tackle, choosing the right drift socks, the “redneck boat brake” and more you’ll save a ton of time and hard earned cash in the process, this alone is worth the price of the Drift Fishing Techniques program.

For far less than the cost of a tank of gas in your boat you can learn all of the secrets to success using these techniques.

Customer Testimonial
I purchased your Drift Fishing Ebook a couple weeks back, and on our first drift ever hooked into these 2 plus a few fryers!  The only thing that slowed us down was we ran out of fresh shad, and they wouldn’t touch anything else.  I guess the Catching Shad book is going to have be my next purchase. Thanks for the help! …. Vance Broussard

Drift Fishing Testimonial

12 reviews for Drift Fishing For Catfish [eBook]

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Clay (verified owner)

    Excellent book covering everything you need to know to start drift fishing including drift socks, desired drifting speed for times of year, rigging, rods, line, reels, suspending vs dragging on or near bottom, etc… Book does not Include seasonal patterns of blue catfishing so though I know the best way to rig up my boat, not more knowledgable on where to catch the fish depending on the time of year but you encouraged to get the shad ebook to get a better understanding of shad patterns. I never thought of drifting just 50 yards as Chad mentions. Gave me a better understanding of short drifting and combing a drop off or creek ledge. I would recommend this book to a friend along with the shad book.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Truston (verified owner)

    Very good info in this book. I would recommend it to everyone. I learn a lot and the short drifting was the key and no blind drifting. Speed speed speed!!!!! Chad covers it good and that’s my biggest mistake was speed and blind drifting. Thanks for putting this book together.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    Kelly (verified owner)

    Excellent catfishing technique. Have used all of the techniques reviewed, e.g. drift socks, Santee Cooper rig with pencil float, etc… A must read for those of us that love catching Old Mr. Whiskers.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Steven (verified owner)

    I have not been able to put the technique in practice yet but it seems to be a sound way to catch fish. Besides who doesn’t like reading about catching big-o catfish.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jim (verified owner)

    The Drift fishing e-book has so much” in depth”information in it that I am just beginning to scratch the “surface”! I went with the slip sinker circle hook rig and fresh(never frozen) bait and caught decent fish the two short drifts i have had a chance to make with my canoe.I am eager to study the rest of the book. This stuff works, I have no doubt. Jim

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Joe (verified owner)

    Drifting is something I have wanted to try so now I can do it right from the beginning. Good work Chad

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Steve (verified owner)

    Much better than I expected. Chad goes into great detail on how to drift fish. I have tried drifting for catfish in the past with very little success. Chad pointed out several issues I was not aware of or did not think of. The section on summer thermocline was very enlightening. Headed out next week to try these techniques. Have already purchased 2 more of his ebooks. Highly recommend. Will save you lots of time and money.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Derrald (verified owner)

    Boy, I’m finding out I was doing a lot of things wrong. I’ve been fishing for channel cats in deep water, trolling in about 10 – 15′ depth, and my cast net has been thrown the wrong way. I’m using these methods and catching cats and bait. I’d of save tons of gas money and bait money if I would have read this about 40 years ago.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Danny (verified owner)

    Most fishermen won’t share the knowledge that Chad does. This is another great e-book by Chad and a great bargain when you consider the time and cost it takes to perfect the technique. Great information and read, keep up the good work! Big THANKS.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Stanley Sherman (verified owner)

    Another great book by Chad Ferguson. I have quite a bit of experience catching catfish and always learn new things when I read Chad’s books. Because there is so much information (some simple and some less simple), I go back and re-read these e-books before I go fishing and always have a much improved “game plan”.

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    mike_feagin (verified owner)

    Great book. Well worth the money. Covers everything you need to know to get started drift fishing for beginners and a great read for anyone that’s been drifting but is interested in stepping up their catch rate significantly. I’ve been drift fishing for a few years now but had quite a few lightbulb moments throughout this book. Can’t wait to get out there

  12. Rated 3 out of 5

    buchansl (verified owner)

    Good read. I just like to read and watch cat fishing. It’s a good book for someone that is interested in drift fishing and hasn’t done it before. It that is you.. I would recommend this book.

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