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Spring is hands down the best time of the year for catching huge numbers of blue catfish across the United States and my absolute favorite time for some fast and furious blue cat action. As the weather begins to warm and seasons transition from winter to spring, blue catfish are on the prowl and they have aferocious appetite. 


Anglers who have a good understanding of what the fish are doing and why they’re doing it are the ones who catch fish. Anglers that focus on fishing “spots” go home empty handed.


Whether your goal is to catch a huge mess of smaller blue catfish or catching a monster trophy class blue cat Spring Blue Catfish Techniques covers all of the information you need to get on the water and start catching catfish from the first warm front of the year until the blue catfish move into their spawning pattern.


Covered by the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied for any reason in the first 30 days we’ll refund your money in full! Instant digital download, 129 pages



How To Locate and Catch Blue Catfish In The Spring!
Spring Blue Catfish Chad Ferguson

Spring is hands down the best time of the year for catching huge numbers of blue catfish across the United States and my absolute favorite time for some fast and furious blue cat action.

As the weather begins to warm and seasons transition from winter to spring, blue catfish are on the prowl and they have a ferocious appetite.

Anglers who have a good understanding of what the fish are doing and why they’re doing it are the ones who catch fish.

Anglers that focus on fishing “spots” go home empty handed.

Whether your goal is to catch a huge mess of smaller blue catfish or catching a monster trophy class blue cat, you can do both in the spring, and can do so easily.

With a little knowledge, finding and catching spring blue cats is simple, and you too can take part in the best fishing of the year, catching spring blue catfish.

Learn From A Pro Catfish Guide

I’m Chad Ferguson. I own and operate North Texas Catfish Guide Service and also run the Catfish Edge website. I’ve been a professional catfish guide for over fifteen yars and I’ve been fishing for cats my whole life.

Chad Ferguson Pro Catfish GuideYears ago, I was a “spot fisherman” I’d go to the lake, drive around and pick a “spot” because it looked good and I wouldn’t catch fish.

After sitting and not catching anything, I’d move again to another “spot” that looked “fishy” and not catching anything at all.

I’d catch a few fish here and there but if I caught four or five in one day, I was blown away.

Then one day things changed. I quit focusing on “spots” and learned about the fish, what they do and why. I learned what causes them to move, where they move to, and when they move.

This is the foundation of every successful angler. Learn what drives the patterns of the target species of fish, why and then folow the pattern. Catfish are no different, they’re predictable when you learn their behavior. That’s when the magic happened and I started consistently catching catfish.

I’ve spent the fifteen years as a pro catfish guide. I get paid to put the fish on the end of the line. The guide business depends on being successful catching fish, that;s what makes people happy and what keeps them and their friends coming back.

I’m about to share my secrets with you.

What if I told you that you could go out and easily catch 100 blue catfish in a day and even catch big blue trophy class blue catfish as well?

You can.

Using the methods outlined in the Spring Blue Catfish Techniques ebook you can easily go out and catch blue catfish, and you’ll catch them in places you probably never thought about fishing before.

What’s Spring Blue Catfish Techniques?

Spring Blue Catfish TechniquesThe short version is everything you need to know to go out and catch blue catfish in the spring.

There’s no bull, no theory and no guessing what to do.

I teach you exactly how to locate and catch blue cats using techniques that work in any lake or reservoir in the United States.

Spring Blue Catfish covers all of my experience as a professional catfish guide teaching you how to locate and catch blue catfish in the spring, in an easy to understand format, and at a small fraction of the cost of a guided fishing trip.

Catch Blue Catfish Anywhere In The United States

These techniques work in any lake or reservoir that holds blue catfish, anywhere in the United States.

I’ve used these techniques throughout Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas to catch fish and have taught clients from all over the United States how to use these techniques, and they always work.

Your Fast Track To Catching Catfish

If you want to catch more and bigger blue catfish than you’ve ever caught before and do so without wasting years on the water trying to learn, this book is for you.

It took me years to learn these techniques and how to pattern these fish day in and day out.

You’ll be catching catfish like nobody else in your area the very next day after reading this book.

Here’s What’s Covered:

  • Spring Blue CatfishingFirst, the book is an instant digital download. As soon as you pay you can get started immediately. There is no waiting.
  • Blue catfish species information to help you better understand the fish you will be targeting, and what drives their behavior.
  • In depth guide on selecting the best rods and reels for blue catfish. Learn exactly what works best and why so you can make sure you have the right rods and reels.
  • An overview of the best catfish tackle for blue catfish. You’ll learn what the best hooks and terminal tackle are, exactly what you need, and why you need it. You’ll catch more cats and save money also!
  • Exactly what catfish baits to use and why. There’s a handful of baits to use and nothing else. You need to understand what to use and why.
  • Spring shad patterns, exactly where they’ll go, exactly what they’ll do, and exactly when they’ll do it and why this matters when locating and catching catfish.
  • How to find and catch your own shad in the spring.
  • The right catfish rigs to use with these techniques.
  • How to locate blue catfish in the spring without using sonar, simply by reading the water.
  • Sonar tutorials or “how to use a fish finder”, a crash course on using sonar, down imaging and side imaging so you can go out and find catfish.
  • Actual screenshots from my sonar unit showing exactly what you are looking for.
  • How wind, water temperature and weather affect catfish behavior so you can stop guessing and start catching.
  • Exactly how long to sit in each location and what to do to assure you have covered all of the water, making sure there’s no active feeding fish in the area.
  • The exact techniques to use each month, month by month and why.
  • Exactly when and where to fish during each month, down to the very last detail and what to look for in the process.
  • How a warm sunny day can change everything, and what to do to find fish.
  • How changes in water temperature affect the fishing.
    How a simple change in water color can alert you to a catfish feeding frenzy.
  • How to use other fish to locate catfish.
  • How to find shad so thick you can almost scoop them up with your hat.
  • How weather patterns and environment create the “catfish symphony”. This is perfect storm for catching amazing numbers of blue catfish.
  • How to catch blue catfish during this time from the shore or from a boat.
  • Where most anglers go wrong and how they are often casting right past the fish and missing the bite.
  • Exactly how to locate and catch blue catfish each and every month, day or night, exactly what bait to use and exactly where to throw your baits.
  • 125 pages jam packed with catfishing information

The bottom line is you’ll learn everything you need to know to locate and catch blue cats during the spring months. No guessing, no hidden agendas and no filling in the blanks wondering what to do.

I’ll cover it all, exactly what you need to know in a simple easy to follow format so you can stop fishing and start catching.

Spring Catfish Fishing Is Nothing Short Of Amazing

I’ve spent thousands of hours on the water catching blue catfish in the spring and it is the closest thing to a “sure thing” when it comes to fishing.

When I leave the marina in the morning with a boat full of new clients and head into the areas we’ll be fishing for the day I get some really strange looks.

Most people have absolutely no idea that you can catch huge numbers of blue catfish and monster blue catfish in these areas, because most anglers just drive right past them.

The fish are always there though, and they have never let me down.

You’ll be catching more fish than you ever thought imaginable and catching them in areas you probably never dreamed of fishing, and I’ll tell you exactly how to do everything, from start to finish.

More Than I Could Cover In Several Guided Fishing Trips

I worked for months putting together Spring Blue Catfish Techniques and went over it time and time again to assure I had every last detail covered. After I finished, I realized this was more information than I could cover in several full day guided fishing trips on the water.

I charge $400 two people on a guided fishing trip. If you booked enough trips for me to cover all of this information and teach you “one on one” you would easily spend over $1200.

Instead, you can access all of this information for a fraction of the price of fishing in my boat, and you can learn from the comfort of your own home.

The Catfish Edge Money Back Guarantee

Money-Back-Guarantee Since Spring Blue Catfish Techniques was released anglers across the United States have started catching more catfish than they thought possible. During this time not one single person has walked away unhappy.

I am so confident in the information covered, I’m offering a 100% money back guarantee.

Buy Spring Blue Catfish Techniques and get started immediately with the instant digital download.

If at any time within the first 30 days you decide that this is not for you, for any reason, your money will be refunded in full, no questions asked. I am that confident.

4 reviews for Spring Blue Catfish [eBook]

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jeremy (verified owner)

    The Spring Blue Catfish eBook is definitely a very informative book packed with information that (if followed) will put catfish in the boat! I consider myself a decent catfish fisherman and I am learning a lot through these books. I would definitely recommend getting the Catching Shad eBook also with this book due to the primary food source for the Blue Catfish is shad. Also invest in a set of shallow water anchors/pins. You can also find all the info on those on the Catfish Edge site. My catch rate has definitely increased to say the least. I highly recommend this book as well as any books Chad has published. Thanks

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Danny (verified owner)

    The e-books Chad provides or all good, including the great information contained in this book. Don’t waste your time watching TV fishing shows where 70% of the time is watching someone pet a fish they caught for 15min. Read and study Chads techniques and spend your time on the water fishing. Can’t wait to get back on the water and change some of my bad habits. Great Book!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    John Zimmerman (verified owner)

    Great info. I live on a large lake and have always fished for bass and crappie but I grew up trotlining and limb lining for catfish. I never knew you could do so well on rod and reel. I am just getting started and the information about cast nets and catching shad are spot on. Got more than I needed first trip out. It has been calm waters when I’ve went so no stories about loading the boat with blues, but I will certainly be trying out Chad’s techniques. Well written and informative books.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    donald (verified owner)

    Great wealth of info. Cant wait to get on the water this spring.

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