1. Hi Chad, I liked the article about the “Does rod size matter” I am a couple of months from ordering a Sea Ark ProCat 240, but I am concerned about loosing valuable fishing space due to the new rod lockers on each side. SeaArk says the floor width is 72″. Now it looks more like 60″ with the rod lockers. Do you find the lockers useful or a waste of space? What is the max rod length on the rod lockers on the ProCat 240?
    Do you know of any changes on the ProCats for 2017? If I am blessed enough to get a new boat for my retirement present, I want to buy some of your equipment. Thanks again for all the good information. I am 66 years old and don’t have years to learn how to fish all over again (I have not fished in 30+ years).

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