1. Excellent info, Chad. Keep up the good work! Since following you the last couple years our catch rate has definitely improved, especially on those tasty blues!

  2. I love the info, but you need an editor. I can help with that.

    I work at a paylake, and we stock with all three catfish. I like to be well informed. But, the part about the “high fin blue catfish” was a little confusing because of the grammer. Mine is not better without access to spell check (ha).

  3. Hi Chad,

    I’m New here. We have a small pond and I think all three varieties of Cats. The question I have is some of our Cats are Black. I think the are flat head, or Bullhead. But when they get about 14-15 inches they start getting very fat, ugly and even Blacker. By the time they are 16 in. Their belly and even the inside of their mouths are black. The other Cats are streamlined and silvery grey with dots, and white belly. None are olive or brown. What have we got?


    • I wouldn’t be able to say based on this information. Probably bullheads and channel catfish but can’t be sure without seeing them. Try calling your local ag extension.

  4. I’ve been catching catfish for a few months in a large river near my house. I thought they were channel because they usually weigh 2-7 pounds but someone told me they were a hybrid blue/flathead. I live in Maine so not many people fish for catfish. I’d really appreciate it if you’d help me out! Thanks

  5. Very good information, I have a question though. I have been seeing small (4 inch) catfish in a nearby lake in pools when the damn has been lowered. They seem to match the channel catfish marks except the forked tail. Is this something that develops after they get bigger or is this another type?

  6. Hi, love cat fishing! I recently caught one that had red eyes but wasn’t what I would call your typical albino. It’s belly was bright white and the rest was a beautiful golden color! Ever see one? Is this just a variant of albino? Any info would be appreciated, sorry I didn’t get a pic!

  7. Hi Chad. I’m meg,an African Nigeria precisely. Are we opportune to these fishes here cos these names sounds new to me.we eat cat fish and ours are not these Shapes or colours they are grey and black bigger head and body structure when matured let’s say 7 months to one year. My question is do they fall into any of these names mentioned?thanks

  8. How well will flathead catfish reproduce or spawn in an about 2 acre pond? Seems to be good water quality & not sure what they feed them in the winter but in spring & summer they charge a fee to fish & around 10-20 people fish & release this pond & release their unused bait in the pond at the end of the night. Also wondering how the behavior of flathead or yellow catfish differ from thier natural environment? Want to learn as much as I can so I can catch the biggest flathead in the pond, I caught my 1st flathead catfish yesterday it was 27 lbs & I’m not sure who really got caught because I know I’m hooked for life. I love fishing even for the bait to catch the flathead oh, yea what is the absolute best fishing bait for 30-40 lb flathead catfish? Thank you very much

  9. Chad we stocked are lake with channel some have these white spots on them but there more black than after watching they turn into gray

  10. Chad I really appreciate all the information that you give to us catfishermans and women I have found that medium-sized live perch are best bait for blues and flatheads I hope to see you on the water soon (( FISH ON ))

    • Blue cats won’t thrive in a pond. They need swifter moving water like deep spring fed streams and rivers. Channel cat can survive in a pond but won’t get very big. They need a larger area as with a lake. Only the flat heads “mud cats” seem to do okay in ponds.


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