1. i used to use a modified loop knot until several yrs ago & someone showed me how to snell a hook which i used until i seen yours I like the extra knot keeping the line from slipping under the snells used it since at times i used the trilene but my age & stiff fingers make it almost impossible anymore-Congradulations on the new boat

  2. Great tip on wrapping the leader on your finger tip when tying a trilene knot Chad. I know there are cats in the Capefear but how about the Lumbee river? Any other good holes near Ft Bragg?

    Thanks for the info.

  3. why can I not get dropper loop to tie? I know I am doing something wrong but can not figure it out, as I try to loop the line it just seems to spin. Please tell me where I am going wrong.

  4. How does the Dropper Loop affect break strength of your line? Looks like that knot would reduce the effectiveness of your line

  5. I have fishing for catfish for 50 years I started when I was 10. that’s my favorite fish to fish to go after. I have really like your on the size of hooks & the way to tie them I have used 3/0& 6/0. I am going to change to what you recommended I am going to stock up for the cat fishing I am going to start my season early this early this season

    good luck too all

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