1. Chad
    Im getting ready to upgrade my electronics on boat i see that you use
    Hummingbird onix i have been researching humingbird and garmin 1040xs i fish salt water and fresh water i really like the gps on garmin but how about the hummingbird does it get really detailed just want to get the best unit and ease of use for salt or fresh water thanks
    For your help

  2. Where do I fish ocean and fresh water
    That being said what is the best elec for my
    Boat good gps good sonar down imaging
    Side imaging have been looking at hummingbird onix garmon 1040xs but cannot
    Decide how is the salt going to effect hummingbird need some help here from someone that knows thanks for your help

  3. last year my wife bought me a hummingbird fish finder, I know very little about them. my question is when you spot a small brush pile on the screen, where is it actually, is it under the boat at that time or behind the boat, I was told that when you find a school of fish or a brush pile or something else you want to fish right on top of, where is it actually at, where is it in the water compared to the screen on the fish finder. hope this doesn’t sound to dumb a question. thank you.


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