1. i have been looking to install some kind of infa red lights on my boat. just want to say thanks for providing the info0

  2. Chad Chad I need this on my boat the last fall I quit blue and white lights with a switch you can change from white to Blue and it works awesome like you say it lights up the whole boat and makes your odds and line really stand out just to tell people that it really does work well don’t shine in your faces

  3. I did the same thing in my tracker targa 165 lit up the front ran a strip across it underside of my bimini top and put a strip on the back edge of my rodholder bar. mine are on a remote with 3 zones con control them seperately or all together can change colors and are dimmable. got them from superbright led.

  4. Looks really good and had other benefits. Know you have to be out early to catch shad etc and as you do night fishing will be a great benefit to see line and find other items with the glow. Good move. Catch’em!

  5. Hey Chad, Great article. This is a great way to light up your boat. I don’t see any mention of bugs. Do the blue lights attract bugs?
    Thanks for all of your very informative articles.

  6. Blue LED lights. What was illegal about red lights in the boat? What effect does the blue have on night vision?
    I went through a night vision school in the Navy and saw what effects different colors had on your night vision. Red had the least. That’s why all the night lites on ships and aircraft instrument panels are red.

    Go get some catfish
    Regards OB

  7. Did you use the 3M adhesive along the entire length of the strip lights or just here and there?

  8. i just ran across your article and i’m wondering how you wired the light strip? by the pics on Amazon, there are 2 wires ( + & – ) coming off the strip. did you need to use anything other than just connecting them to your switch, such as a resistor? Also what amp fuse did you choose?

    thank you very much.

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