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Splat fishing is kind of gross and kind of crazy but it flat out works. If you want to learn the secrets behind a catfishing technique that is completely fool proof that produces huge numbers of blue and channel catfish and monster trophy class blue catfish then splat fishing is for you.


Professional catfish guide Chad Ferguson walks you through everything you need to know to go out and start catching catfish using these techniques. Learn exactly what to do, when to do it and why in step by step detail so you can stop fishing and start catching.


Covered by the Catfish Edge 100% Money Back Offer. If you’re not satisfied for any reason in the first 30 days you’re money will be refunded in full. Instant digital download ebook,


Splat Fishing

Easy Techniques For Catching HUGE Numbers Of Catfish!

There are many different techniques for locating and catching blue catfish and channel catfish.

Many of these techniques involve using expensive sonar equipment and require some skill in learning how to read this equipment as well as some serious time on the water to learn how to find the fish using this equipment.

What if I there was a simple way to go out and catch huge numbers of blue catfish and channel catfish in a matter of a few hours and you could even catch trophy class fish using the same techniques?

What if this simple techniques didn’t require any fancy gear, “fish finders” or electronics?

What if these techniques were so simple you could get out and start catching fish the very first time you started using these techniques.

Keep reading because I am about to reveal the simplest, most effective way to catch catfish there is, in easy to follow instructions. It’s so simple it’s almost hard to believe, I didn’t believe it at first.

The Old School Catfishing Technique

Years ago, I before I became a professional catfish guide, I started hearing about a technique called “splat fishing” that some of the “old school” catfish anglers used.

I did some research, made some phone calls and read a lot trying to put the pieces together to better understand these techniques and why they were so effective.

I learned a lot during this time through trial and error on my own but then something amazing happened.

I formed a relationship with a couple of the “old school” catfish anglers that were the pioneers in this fishing technique. These were the “go to” guys that had figured it all out and really knew everything there was about catching catfish with these techniques.

These guys took me under their wing and took me fishing. We spent time using these techniques and in the process they shared everything they knew about locating and catching catfish using the technique known as “splat fishing”.

Through numerous fishing trips with them I soaked up every single word and watched every single thing that they did when they were “splat fishing”.

What they did was very effective, but there were some missing pieces that I had to figure out.

I became a little obsessed, actually really obsessed, with these catfishing techniques and took everything I’d learned and hit the water to start experimenting.

I caught catfish using the techniques from the very beginning but the more I experimented and began to put together the “pieces of the puzzle” the more fish I started to catch and the more effective these techniques became.

I was catching amazing numbers of blue and channel catfish and catching good numbers of trophy class catfish using these techniques, and on top of it all it was one of the most fun techniques I had ever used for catching catfish.

Learn From a Pro Catfish Guide

Chad Ferguson Pro Catfish GuideI’m Chad Ferguson. I own and operate North Texas Catfish Guide Service and also run the Catfish Edge website. I’ve been a professional catfish guide for over fifteen years and I’ve been fishing for cats my whole life.

Years ago, I was a “spot fisherman” I’d go to the lake, drive around and pick a “spot” because it looked good and I wouldn’t catch fish.

After sitting and not catching anything, I’d move again to another “spot” that looked “fishy” and not catching anything at all.

I’d catch a few fish here and there but if I caught four or five in one day, I was blown away.

Then one day things changed. I quit focusing on “spots” and learned about the fish, what they do and why. I learned what causes them to move, where they move to, and when they move.

This is the foundation of every successful angler. Learn what drives the patterns of the target species of fish, why and then folow the pattern. Catfish are no different, they’re predictable when you learn their behavior.

That’s when the magic happened.

I’ve spent the fifteen years as a professional catfish guide. I get paid to put the fish on the end of the line. The guide business depends on being successful catching fish, that;s what makes people happy and what keeps them and their friends coming back.

I’m about to share my secrets with you.

What if I told you that you could go out and easily catch tons of blue and channel catfish in a day, catch big blue trophy class blue catfish as well and do it without using a sonar fish finder, without catching fresh shad and without using any expensive gear?

You can.

Using the methods outlined in the Splat Fishing Techniques ebook you can easily go out and catch fish, and you’ll catch them in places you probably never thought about fishing before.

This is a great way for getting into some fast and furious catfish action and catching some big cats too!

Everything I Know About “Splat Fishing”

Over the years I’ve done numerous seminars through Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s on splat fishing techniques and they always had a huge turnout.

Splat fishing was also one topic I was constantly getting questioned about and no matter how much people think they know about the technique, the always miss the critical pieces.

This is one of the simplest most effective ways I know that anglers can use to catch blue catfish and channel catfish and still catch big fish also without knowing how to read sonar.

Plus, there’s no learning curve and no special equipment needed, so I started working on the “splat fishing techniques” ebook and outlined everything I’d learned about using these techniques in a simple, easy to follow format.

I took years of information I’d learned from these other anglers, all the information I’d learned myself through trial and error, and put it all into a book so the “average” weekend angler could immediately go out and start catching fish the next day after reading the book.

It’s Kind Of Crazy, Kind Of Gross, But It Produces Fish

It Produces Fish Every Time, Without Fail

When I start talking to people about splat fishing, I usually get a lot of strange looks but when people go and try it, they are amazed by how easy it is, and how well it works.

Since I released the Splat Fishing eBook, I can’t tell you how many phone calls and emails I’ve received from people about these techniques and how well they’ve worked for them.

People are catching more fish than they ever thought possible in one trip, and catching bigger catfish than they have ever caught before.

They all do so because the techniques in this book are so easy to follow and the fish are so easy to find.

So What Is The Splat Fishing Techniques eBook?

Think of it like a guided catfishing trip with me, but in digital form.

Rather than spending time on the boat with me learning one on one, you get everything I could possibly share with you on finding and catching catfish using this technique in a nice, easy to understand format.

And you get the information from me at a small fraction of the cost of a guided catfishing trip, and there is much more information in this book than I could ever try to cover (or would remember) in a single fishing trip on the water.

Here’s What You Get With Splat Fishing

The short version is I’m going to teach you everything you need to know about locating and catching catfish using these techniques.

  • Exactly what gear to use
  • Exactly how to rig
  • Exactly what baits to use
  • Exactly how to find fish to catch
  • Exactly where to throw your baits for success
    * Everything you need to know to catch fish
  • Plus, There Is No Risk with our money back guarantee

Here’s the details:

  • Instant access, with no waiting. As soon as you check out you get immediate access to the program.
  • MP3 audio tutorials (over 3 hours) to help you start catching fish using these techniques. Listen and learn on the go from your portable audio player or on your computer.
  • Splat Fishing video walk through. This detailed video that walks you through the areas you’ll be fishing and covers exactly what to look for, exactly where to put your baits, and why.
  • Detailed guide on everything you need to know about fishing with these techniques
  • The right gear to use and why you need to use this gear
  • Exactly how to rig, and why the rig you use makes all the difference.
  • The one single piece of tackle that helps produce more fish, every time.
  • The best catfish baits to use and why and best of all you don’t have to know how to catch shad or other baits, and you can even use artificial fishing lures to catch catfish using these techniques.
  • Locating catfish including exactly where to find the fish using your eyes and a quick scan of the water. You don’t need to know how to read a fish finder and you don’t even need one.
  • Exactly how to catch catfishonce you get in these areas, in detail. I tell you exactly what to look for, why, and exactly where to throw your baits to catch fish.
  • How weather patterns impact the bite and what you need to be looking for to have the most success.
  • How a simple change in your approach can start putting fish on the end of your fishing line again if the bite slows down.

You’ll learn everything you need to know to start catching more fish and bigger fish than you ever though possible and you can put it all to use immediately!

Like a Guided Fishing Trip At A Fraction Of The Cost

Splat Fishing CatfishThis is not some gimmick designed to catch fishermen, it’s literally like a guided fishing trip online. You get the benefit of fishing with me, picking my brain and learning at a fraction of the cost.

I charge $400 for two people on a guided catfish trip. The cost of this program is less than you will spend to fill your boat up with gas.

You could easily burn up the price of this book in fuel in one morning of fishing driving around and not finding fish.

This is the real deal, straight from a pro catfish angler with a proven track record of success.

Plus, you have nothing to lose with the money back guarantee.

The Catfish Edge Money Back Guarantee

Money-Back-GuaranteeSince Splat Fishing Techniques was released anglers across the United States have started catching more catfish than they thought possible. During this time not one single person has walked away unhappy.

I am so confident in the information covered, I’m offering a 100% money back guarantee.

Buy Splat Fishing Techniques and get started immediately with the instant digital download.

If at any time within the first 30 days you decide that this is not for you, for any reason, your money will be refunded in full, no questions asked. I am that confident.

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    Mike (verified owner)

    Haven’t tried yet, but good information

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Danny (verified owner)

    I don’t have the birds where I normally fish, but this is some valuable information to know when the opportunity arrives. Let me tell you that the techniques in this book will work very well if You happen to have large trees on the bank over hanging fishing holes with cover. You may need to change bait (most likely not) to match whats falling from the trees above. Leaf eating worms, buds, etc. Great Read. Thanks!

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