1. which color works better for green stained water like Sam Rayburn? I would think red then yellow when the water is starting to turn dirty then black! How do you read the way the colors work? Love your vids ! pappywith4 on youtube

  2. hello Chad I was wondering how the Versa rattlr works if you are anchored fishing in Stillwater,like in a tight line fishing situation.

    • Because of the shape they’re hard to keep from rattling and even the slightest movement will make noise. I’ve been using them in lakes that typiclaly don’t have current both anchored and drifting in a variety of conditions and had success in all of them.

  3. I typically use a Carolina Rig with a no roll slip sinker in the river. Do these work well casted from the bank just resting on the bottom?

  4. Hi Chad, I ordered 4 paks of rattles with the code for a free one , and only received 4. I guess the special offer is over ?

  5. I use WST rattlers with 18 in. leaders and sinker slides above leader does it make a difference how close to the hook the versa rattle is? I would have to slide them on above sinker.

  6. So would you fish these as a setup like this no roll slip sinker
    Barrel swivel
    18” leader
    Versa rattle that can slide from barrel to the hook

    And is it wrong to tightline a Carolina rig like this. I have found much success doing this recently. My buddy and I fish catfish tournaments and are actually trying to become sponsored by whisker seeker so it’d be great to have a professional like you to help us out

  7. Chad, I just got a pack of these versa-rattles, and have yet to try them out. I am hopeful though, however, I fish the Chattahoochee. The current down here moves extremely fast with a constant rise and drop of water height. Will these be effective enough in such fast water? Possibly even more effective on the edge of a drop or sandbar? Ive caught Flats, Blues and Channels out of this river but none of any size over 10 lbs, do you stand by these enough to say that they will pull these bigger fish against the current to the bait?

  8. I fish lakes and I have tried to track down the blues. Very tough I am drift fishing mostly 15 to 30 feet. I have a hummingbird 698 fish finder Chad how do you all find these fish in lakes.

  9. Chad, I watch your videos on a regular basis and have a great respect for the cat-fishing and techniques you provide, so, thanks for your information. Fishing for all large species in our area is an addiction of mine and as this weekend will kick off our local flathead tournaments in North Florida on the Apalachicola River. The water has been high for several weeks and now falling, with the water temp reaching 70 degrees. I have a question: On a 3rd quarter moon, under these conditions, would you fish shallow in swift water or deep water ledges opposite of currents? I have been successful before falling waters began but wanted to get your opinion.

  10. Chad, Have you tried the Versa rattle on your secret catfish rig? I’m thinking of trying it in combination with, and on top of, a smaller split shot on that rig.

  11. About 20 years ago, I make an electronic clicker/vibratory that I use when fishing for big blues, and my records show that I catch 22 to 1 for the rods that have the clicker on them. I always use giant shad for bait, and set my electronic clicker about 10 inches from the hook. Trolling or fishing on the bottom tight line, it ALWAYS works. I even use one on a trot line and always produces far more fish that the one without!

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