Slip Bobber Rig For Catfish: How, When and Why

Slip Bobber Rig For Catfish

The slip bobber rig is a staple catfish rig for many anglers for a variety of different species of catfish. They’re especially popular for those who target channel catfish. Slip bobbers can be effective for blue catfish and flathead catfish also in some applications but for channel catfish they’re the “go to” catfish rig for…

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Traditional Bobber Rig For Catfish: Splatting Cats

Traditional Bobber Rig For Catfish

The traditional bobber rig is probably one of the most well known fishing rigs but it’s often overlooked when it comes to rigging for catfish. For many people the traditional bobber rig is the fishing rig that they think of when they start to think of rigging a fishing rod. Images of a lazy stream…

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Pool Noodle Slip Bobber Rig : Big, Bad and Simple!

Pool Noodle Slip Bobber Rig

The pool noodle slip bobber rig is a hybrid catfish rig modified to meet the needs of anglers fishing certain techniques. The best description would be a cross between a balloon rig and a slip bobber rig. It can be used for all species of catfish but is best suited when targeting larger fish. The…

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Santee Cooper Rig For Catfish: A Catfishing Essential

Santee Rig For Catfish

The Santee Rig or Santee Cooper Rig is one of many popular catfish rigs for fishing for all species of catfish. It’s commonly referred to as the “Santee Rig” for short by many anglers. This rigging gained the name “Santee Rig” due to it’s popularity with catfish anglers on the famous Santee Cooper catfish lakes…

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Best Catfish Bait: The Top 5 Catfish Baits Made Simple

Best Catfish Bait

We get tons of questions through Catfish Edge and on our social media pages and an overwhelming majority of them are about catfish baits and catfish rigs. Several years ago while sifting through questions that had been sent in by email I realized that there was one question that was asked over and over again…

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