2015 Abu Garcia Reels [Exclusive Preview]

2015 Abu Garcia Reels New Releases

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Abu Garcia fishing reels. I’ve been accused of being a “fanboy” many times over the years because I only use Abu Garcia fishing reels and they’re the only reels I suggest to others. Are there other good brands of fishing reels for catfish on the market?…

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Chad Ferguson Signature Series Catfish Rod

Chad Ferguson Catfish Rod 450

After months of testing, tweaking and designing I’m pleased to announce the Chad Ferguson Signature Series Catfish Rod from Whisker Seeker Tackle is finally available. Whisker Seeker Tackle is accepting pre-orders now and the rods will begin shipping in late July 2014. This covers all of the information on the design, building, testing and the story…

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How To Clean a Catfish In 15 Seconds (Without Skinning)

How To Clean Catfish 15 Seconds 450

I’m often questioned about the process I use for cleaning catfish. These are all of the details on how to clean catfish and better yet not only how to do it but how to clean a catfish in fifteen seconds or less. Being a fishing guide, you learn to get really good at cleaning catfish and…

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World Record Catfish, The Top 4 Trophy Blue Cats

Virginia World Record Blue Catfish 450

The catfishing world exploded with chatter on June 18, 2011 with talk of a new world record blue catfish. The new world record blue catfish was caught Saturday night June 18th 2011 at John H. Kerr-Buggs Island Lake near Clarksville Virginia. I was sitting around resting and eating my Fathers Day breakfast, enjoying the day…

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Night Fishing Facts and Fiction (and 5 Night Fishing Myths)

Night Fishing Facts Fiction 450

If your Uncle Joe handed down his list of catfishing tips and told you that you had to fish at night to catch catfish, you’re doing it all wrong. Night fishing is a popular topic among all anglers and something that’s completely misunderstood. When it comes to catfishing though, there’s even more interest in night fishing than…

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How To Hold a Catfish (and Do Catfish Sting)?

How To Hold a Catfish and Do Catfish Sting

Catfish don’t “sting”, let’s go ahead and get that out of the way now. Catfish whiskers don’t sting. Their barbels or fins don’t either. They can cause some discomfort though (if you’re not careful) so let’s cover what you need to know. I was digging through the mailbox and some Twitter questions the other day…

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