Slip Sinker Rig: The One “Must Know” Catfish Rig

Slip Sinker Catfish Rig

If you’re only going to learn one catfish rig, the slip sinker rig is an excellent choice and considered one of the essential catfish rigs for many anglers. Bass fishermen use a similar setup commonly referred to as the “Carolina rig”. The slip sinker rig is the same setup but the tackle used when fishing…

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Best Catfish Bait: The Top 5 Catfish Baits Made Simple

Best Catfish Bait

We get tons of questions through Catfish Edge and on our social media pages and an overwhelming majority of them are about catfish baits and catfish rigs. Several years ago while sifting through questions that had been sent in by email I realized that there was one question that was asked over and over again…

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Four Fishing Knots Every Catfish Angler Should Know

Four Simple Fishing Knots Catfish

The internet is littered with instructions on how to tie fishing knots. There’s entire books and even iPhone apps dedicated to fishing knot instructions. Most of these resources are full of “clutter”, teaching you a lot of information that you don’t need. What’s the point of learning tons of fishing knots you’re not ever going…

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Minn Kota iPilot Link Installation

Installing iPilot Link

Minn Kota iPilot is an amazing tool that’s been around for quite some time. The iPilot features gets a lot of talk in many fishing circles but catfish anglers don’t seem to talk much about it. I’ve recently installed the Minn Kota iPilot link on my SeaArk ProCat 240 and wanted to share some installation…

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The Ultimate Guide To Catfishing Gear

Ultimate Guide To Catfishing Gear

The Ultimate Guide To Catfishing Gear is an in depth resource to help you buy the right catfish tackle and gear and save money while doing so. The Ultimate Guide To Catfishing Gear covers all of the essential catfish tackle items you’ll need for fishing for all species of catfish using a variety techniques. Catfish gear and…

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Top 12 Channel Catfish Tips, Start Catching More Catfish

Top 12 Channel Catfish Tips

This information is geared towards targeting numbers of channel catfish and fast paced action. While you very well may catch some larger channel catfish by following these tips, they’re geared towards putting numbers of fish in the boat and doing so quickly! I catch a lot of larger channel catfish using these techniques as well as…

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