Spring Blue Catfish on Fox Sports Outdoors (Southwest Outdoors Report)

Spring Blue Catfish Chad Ferguson Fox Sports Outdoors

It’s time again for another episode of Fox Sports Outdoors hosted by yours truly! Back in December I posted an episode of the Southwest Outdoors Report on Fox Sports Southwest I hosted on Drift Fishing For Winter Catfish. I’m pleased to announce that I’ve since joined the team at Fox Sports Outdoors as their catfish…

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Find Blue Catfish The Simple Way (They’re a Lot Like Teenage Boys)

How To Find Blue Catfish Simple Way 450

There are anglers everywhere on a constant quest to find the best bait for blue catfish and looking for some sort of “workaround” to finding and catching shad. It’s an attempt to take the “easy way out” for some. For others it’s just not wanting to put the time and effort in. There’s no easy…

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Win A Set Of Quick Cleat Boat Cleats

Catfish Edge Prizes

Enter to win a set of Quick Cleat Boat Cleats from Catfish Edge and Quick Cleat.  We’re giving away two sets of Quick Cleat Model 325 for some lucky winners to upgrade their catfish boat. You can enter to win multiple times and multiple ways (including daily entries) before midnight on Sunday April 20th 2014. We’ll contact the winners…

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Quick Cleat Is Not Your Every Day Boat Cleat

Quick Cleat Boat Cleats

Several months ago the team over at Quick Cleat contacted me and wanted me to check out their product. They’d read some of my suggestions for boat cleats and wanted me to try their product. They claimed they had a boat cleat that was better than anything else on the market. They wanted me to do…

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How Can YOU Catch More Or Bigger Catfish?

Catfishing Tips

I get about 50 emails a week that say “can you send me some catfishing tips” and nothing more so I’m doing something a bit different than the normal catfishing tips videos this week. Over the past 14+ years as a professional catfish guide I’ve learned a lot along the way. I’ve had some amazing successes (and some…

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