Burping Catfish? Why You Should [and The RIGHT Way To Do It]

How To Burp a Catfish

FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest It’s no secret that winter and the cold water period are one of the favorite times of the year for anglers who target blue catfish. It’s a great time to catch trophy class blue catfish as well as numbers of blue catfish using a variety of techniques. Many anglers choose to target blue catfish…

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How To Fish Whisker Seeker Rattler Catfish Rigs [Plus Catfish and Sound]

How To Fish Whisker Seeker Catfish Rigs

FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest It’s easy to get into a “rut” with what you know works and puts catfish in the boat and stop testing new things and trying to learn. I’ve always made it a point to try new things while I’m fishing but it’s hard at times with clients on my guide boat. It’s tough to…

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Drift Fishing For Catfish: 9 Essential Tips For Success

Drift Fishing Catfish Tips Cover

FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest Drift fishing is an excellent way to fish for catfish. There’s a variety of different techniques that go by many different names and often times people use the same terms for very different techniques. Controlled drifting for example involves the use of a trolling motor and dragging baits around. Some people refer to controlled…

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Drop Shot Rig For Heavy Cover Catfish

Drop Shot Rig Catfish

FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest The drop shot rig or “drop shot rigging” is widely known among angling circles. It’s a common setup to target bass and many other species of fish. You’ll find that the drop shot rig is a popular method of fishing for many species but drop shot fishing is not commonly discussed in catfishing circles….

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Drift Sock 101: Gear Up, Boat Control For Drift Fishing Catfish

Drift Sock 101 Boat Control For Drift Fishing Catfish

FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest Drift fishing is a very effective catfishing technique for targeting blue catfish and channel catfish. Like all techniques for catching catfish, it has a time and a place. There’s times you’ll find that drift fishing may be one of the best approaches to catching catfish and there’ll be times that using another technique is…

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5 Fish Finder Installation Tips For Success (And Catching More Catfish)

Fish Finder Installation Tips

FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest My fish finder is the most important tool on my catfish boat. I rely on it more than anything else I use to be successful on the water catching fish and can’t imagine fishing without it. This is true of most successful anglers regardless of what they fish for. You can “use your gut”…

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