Three Way Rig For Catfish, Traditional, Modified and More

Three Way Rig Catfish

There’s many options when it comes to rigging for catfish or how you setup your catfishing rods and reels to catch fish. Savvy catfish anglers know that the way you rig can make a big difference in catching cats and putting fish in the boat. It doesn’t matter if you’re targeting big monster trophy class…

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Vertical Fishing Rod Rack For Catfish Boats: DIY, Simple, Portable

DIY Vertical Fishing Rod Rack 450

Catfish anglers are notorious for carrying a lots of rods on their boats. This is often because they actually fish with that many rods at one time while on the water. In some cases the number of rods is because different catfish rods are rigged differently for different techniques or they use different setups for all…

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Double Hook Rig For Catfish, Big Baits, Monster Catfish

Double Hook Rig Catfish

The double hook rig isn’t really a “catfish rig” but more a way of attaching multiple hooks to a single leader for hooking really big baits when targeting monster trophy class catfish. The double hook rig is a very popular way to setup hooks when targeting trophy class catfish with large pieces of cut bait…

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10K Subscriber Giveaway! Enter To Win From Catfish Edge

Catfish Edge Youtube Channel 10K Subscriber Giveaway Cover

The Catfish Edge Youtube Channel is close to reaching a milestone of 10,000 Youtube subscribers (there’s 9,559 subscribers at the time this article was written). To celebrate this milestone I wanted to give away some free catfishing gear when the channel reaches the 10,000 subscriber mark. Based on trends will happen pretty quickly. This is just…

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Slip Bobber Rig For Catfish: How, When and Why

Slip Bobber Rig For Catfish

The slip bobber rig is a staple catfish rig for many anglers for a variety of different species of catfish. They’re especially popular for those who target channel catfish. Slip bobbers can be effective for blue catfish and flathead catfish also in some applications but for channel catfish they’re the “go to” catfish rig for…

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