1. I live in Nashville and I fish Old Hickory Lake quite frequently. I would like to fish for catfish more often, I usually fish for bass most of the spring and do very well. However, I love the fight that a catfish gives me. I fish for catfish in the summer. It is 4/24 and the water temperature has been hovering over the 62 degree mark. What depth should I be fishing? Keep in mind, I am a bank fisherman.

  2. I use bluegill starting at roughly midnight. I pull 30-40 channel all night it seems. I’ve lived on the same river(Elk River in WV) for 29 years and its tried and true. And usually about 10 feet out from the bank. Good luck everyone you’ll never forget your first 45+ pounder.

  3. I had to share my “catfish tale” I am from North Alabama and regularly fish on Guntersville Lake. I, unlike my hubby to be, usually don’t have great luck but I enjoy the down time. I was enjoying it so much as a matter of fact on one fishing outing I fell asleep while sitting back in my chair and holding my pole. I was shocked awake by Bob trying to get the fishing rod from me (I put up almost as much fight as my monster cat did). While I was snoozing a VERY large catfish had taken off with my hook and liver. Bob looked over to see my rod bent completely over the deck rail (at least I had a death grip on it). Once awake I handed him my rod and then started the battle. I was afraid my 14lb test wasn’t going to hold out. By this time I had the net at the ready not yet aware that this one just wasn’t going to quite fit in the net. He fought it I fought it and by now the 3 other people that were out fishing at 2AM had come downthe pier to see what was happing. Finally after about 15/20 minutes of battle we got her. And she was a beauty. Not sure how much she weighed but she was 23 inches long. I would love to post a picture (hopefully my profile pic shows it). This was the largest freshwater fish I have ever caught. I do have to give credit where its due, I am not sure I would have gotten her in without Bob’s help. Heck I may have lost my new rod and reel while sleeping LOL. But napping on a cool summer night may just be one of the oddest fishing technique yet. We enjoy fishing most all year round here. Bob got some nice Crappie early this spring and has had amazing luck with Bass and Catfish all summer. He got one of the biggest Bass I’ve seen outside of one of the big tournaments just a few weeks ago (again can’t send the pics) I will say it was great broiled with fresh lemon, real butter and fresh ground pepper and that one Bass fed my daughter and myself with leftovers (Bob loves to catch them but won’t eat fish) if you would like to see pictures so this isn’t just a “fish tale” I will be more then happy to share. Really where we live we can fish year round with success. And that’s a blessing. We run trot lines (got one all prepped in the fridge right now for tonight) do some bottle fishing. We got 3 nice cats night before last with them. Just take a 2ltr tie a line, weight and hook put dome good chicken liver on it and make sure you toss it far enough from the Jet Ski. One thing we have tried Rooster liver. It is so NOT worth the money. I’ve had better luck with rotten hotdogs. Plus it takes a lot of lemon juice to get that smell off you hands. They are tougher and do stay on the hook better but our fish font seen to like them. I will admit fried chicken liver used to be a KFC almost every Tuesday thing. I couldn’t eat one now if someone paid me. Anyway….. I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs this morning. As fishing is a favorite pass time in my home and a great way to relax and just enjoy a beautiful sunset or sunrise LOL some times both in the same trip I wanted to share a couple of our memories. Guntersville Lake is an amazingly beautiful place. There is so much to do on, in and around the water. I am blessed to be able to wake up every day walk out onmy porch and see the water sparkling. We host Bass Masters and several others. I love to hop on the Jet Ski and go play. Well Hubbys up and its ttime for breakfasti look forward to reading more of you insights and tips. Happy fishing and have a blessed day.

    • I can roger that, I also live in north Alabama. Walking distance to Jackson Co. park in Scottsboro. I fish for anything that will fill my freezer, they all taste good if you know how to fix them. Goes along with deer, turkey, rabbit, and squirrel.

  4. Some more great advice from Chad. I live in Eastern Montana (Miles City) and fish in the Tongue and the Yellowstone. Usually catching 2- 9 pounders. I fish from the bank however thinking about a boat purchase, but the bank is good. I would truly enjoy catching a 20 plus pounder,wow I would probably have a heart attack if I ever caught a trophy cat, but hey thats the way I would wanna go, ( a trophy cat on the end of my pole). Well gonna get back to some good reading by Chad,so from Eastern Montana hope ya all enjoy your selves out on the waters and stay safe.

  5. Went cat fishing in Mississippi river in July not much luck. What’s going on? Used dip bait. Anything else you have in mind would help. Thanks!!

  6. I fish mostly from river or creek banks. Is there a difference catching them in deeper water compared to shallow water? Seems like when summer high temps hit I do not catch many. Any ideas what to do. My space is very limited. Tks.

    • In rivers find Eddy’s you don’t need to fish in the middle of a river with a current fish along the bank cat fish move up river on the bank were the current is less use shad,pearch,crawdads, minnows and you can’t go wrong.

  7. I go catfishing all year round. Hot cold freezing rain or snow…. It truly pays off to learn bout the weather patterns spawning etc… I won’t keep going as the man that posted gave everyone that reads this some excellent info.. Right on to all you catfish angelers keep on reeling’em in… I live in the Midwest and tpycallically catch 25 to 50 plus pounders. What got me really hooked was one night out I hooked into a 5’3″ 80 pounder and now I want bigger and bigger.. Lol to all you fisher men\women good luck .

  8. Hey chad. I been catfishing for a few years now and i fish mainly 3 bigger lakes around me but the closest lake to me is smithville lake. I dont know if your familiar with it but its september 24th now and its still fairly warm and been having trouble catching big numbers of catfish mainly channels in mostly shallowish waters not over 20ft normally. My preferred bait is shad all the time and i usually chunk or fillet them or if their small enough ill use them whole. Any suggestions on how to catch bigger numbers and bigger fish would be appreciated thanks man and good luck to you

  9. I live in Southeast missouri I’m wanting to learn how to fish for Flatheads,by pole and noodles. What is a good time of year,and what type of cover. Thanks Jeff Schlegel.

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