1. It,s nice to finally see a Fishing Guide here in Texas describe the proper way to De-compress a catfish. Tubes down the throat are for bloated cattle not catfish.
    Thank You

  2. Excellent info, I have seen other sites that use p v c and I thought that was- wrong, you just showed us a safe way to do this. Thank you Enjoy your info and vids.

  3. “””WELL””” CHAD , I’m 72-Yrs-Old. AND it’s NICE to see your PROGRAM. I live & Fish on LAKE SEMINOLE . Ga. THERE are some MONSTERS & then some
    others. I catch both sizes. SOMETIMES it’s NICE to take a BIG–ONE—HOME. My Wife is DEAF & SPEACH IMPAIRED with a 8th Grade Education
    after SOME VERY—VERY BAD YEARS. SHE WAS IN A SHELL five-5-yrs ago and MORE THAN ONE of the MONSTER CATs have done her “””WELL”””
    GREAT EATING too…..

  4. Rubbing their belly sounds like a very good choice also I like your remark at the end about anything over 10 lbs. If you`re not sure if it looks big let it go, you might catch it again tomorrow Thank,Chad

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