1. Great info. I’ve asked before on a site called 2 Cool Fishing at basically got laughed at at then directed to a guide. I’m not against guides just short on money for a guide. I purchased the EBook on how to catch shad and I’m chomping at the bit to get started. Again thanks and great info.

  2. Hey Chad. Great video on drift fishing. Do think you could do a video on your technique for throwing a cast net?
    Thanks for your awesome website and tips.

  3. Really enjoyed the video, thank you for the info. Have one question, I catfish the Mississippi river in southeast Mo. and as you probably know has very swift current, so I’m assuming I’d have to use a trolling motor to control the drift, or would another technique be better?

  4. I agree 100% with everything you say about catching blue cats…except about the bait! you always say that fresh cut shad cant be beat, but in my experience it can definitely be beat!
    there is a bait you can get any time, in any grocery store that works great for drifting or anchoring up for blue cats. it gets the BIG ONES TOO! other than this minor disagreement, I think you give out great information Chad and are a very accomplished angler that I look up to!
    I would say what the bait is, but I already regret the word getting around down here in south texas, now everyone is using it, not just me LOL!

  5. Want to thank you Chad, for the great info.
    I’m an old Texas boy living in Arizona currently. I’ve fished cats for years but not lately,,, never really knew what I was doing,,,just trusted to luck I expect. Anyway as soon as I figure out who’s doin’ what to who here, I’ll be one of your customers.
    I’m NOT much good on a computer but am learning.

    Thanks again for the website and info. you provide!

    RA Calman

  6. You touched on drifting blind, but ended up just saying don’t do it. I’m not in the position to buy a fish finder. Any tips on drifting blind besides don’t do it?

    • David, if that’s what you have to do then that’s what you have to do. I still wouldn’t drift blind. At the very minimum get the Navionics app and target structure. Costs less than $10.

  7. while wanting to drift in a large river what do you recommend if you have heavy current, but wind is blowing strong in opposite direction?

  8. I appreciate you helping me learn more about controlled drifting. One thing that I really liked and connected with was that you talked about using the trolling monitor and dragging baits around in order to find more success. I have always wanted to take some friends with me and go fishing, so this information will definitely help us better control the boat we are in. Thanks again!

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