1. Chad, your technique is one I’ve used for years. It is really effective and pleases the younger crowd that we take fishing. Kids like action and these things you have shared with the public are the ticket to a fun filled day fishing for all of us. And produces some very good table fare.

    Thanks again.

    David Revels

  2. Hello Chad; Really enjoy your you-tube stuff and reading about catfish. One thing I will let you know is this, and maybe you have heard it from others too, But I do not have a credit card. Iam disabled vet and had one years ago and found out it is just easier not to have one, as far as pay pal had computer hack so I do not do the pay pal acct. Iam 63 and pretty set in my way on some things, would really like to try some of your stuff but, untill you can take money orders and cashiers checks I’ll just keep watching you-tube and wait for your e-mails. please do not take any of this personal as I know you cannot do or have the time for everything that has to be done. May God Bless you and yours and keep a tight line Lloyd

  3. Really enjoyed article, thanks for giving so much information. I just have one question. What is the secret catfish rig, and where can you purchase them?

  4. Hey Chad love reading your monthly emails I fish allot in stocked urban ponds in AZ will the secret catfish rig work for these urban ponds. Thanks

  5. Where should I fish for fall channel catfish, Should I just stay in the areas you mentioned in you summer techniques ebook or should I start drifting for them

    • I agree, I have never used the punch baits only the “stink bait”. Why no comment to the disabled VET Lloyd?? I work at a call center and older people don’t always use the computer, and alot of old timers love to fish… j/s

  6. Hey Chris I’m new too catfishing so a lot of my fishing will be from shore or docks. Will your tips still apply in hose situations.

  7. I have been fishing catfish, channels for many years, here in Waco, Tx. Your name and Guide details always comes up around my friends, always always saying you are truely a master at catching and producing for all your clients. It takes a gentle soul to do this kind of work, I have never fished with you, but, EVERYONE in my circle of catfishing friends, say you are a GENTLEMAN to everyone you guide for! You are truely Blessed. From one Retired and weekend fisherman I thank you for your kindness and your Gentle Soul!! I want 2 of your Cat Rods, wife says I have to wait till Christmas, cant wait!! I fish with several gentleman that have several of your rods, they are fantastic.

    • David, Thanks for the kind words. I have good days and bad days like every fisherman and still have days where I just can’t get them to bite. That’s why they call it fishing and not catching. Regardless, no matter what happens, I always make sure we have the best time possible on the water and do everything I can to get on fish!

  8. Hey chad,
    Thanks for all the info.
    I’m a bass fisherman by trade but enjoy the fight of a good channel cat from time to time. Not to mention they are pretty tasty.
    I fish a lot of ponds for catfish that I know are stocked with them here in central IL. And have been floating chicken liver under a Bobber for them and have done some good. But I have some dip bait that I’ve never tried do you think that would work like the punch bait. And the ponds I fish don’t have much cover as far as timber or anything got a little moss around the edges any suggestions on where they might be hiding so I can increase my numbers a bit.

  9. Chad, I am in a bind with with the Stink baits you recommended, I do 100% catch and release thus treble hooks are NOT an option, any gimmick or tactic for keeping the baits you recommended on a circle hooks ? Yea i use in line Circle hooks for MAX Catch and release, I also fish with only 1 ROD and hold it the entire time. You could say i am serious about the Release part 😉

    I have been doing pretty good with Chicken liver but want to try something else. My channel to Blue ratio is about 10:1

    Thanks for sharing!

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