1. I am elderly and live in central Oklahoma. AS a kid and in my younger adult years I fished in farm ponds and did quite well catching yellow, blue, and channel cats, up to 15 lbs. But now that I am retired and want to fish more, I do not have access to private ponds any more. I have fished some lakes from the bank and boat docks. My catch rate is bad and I have landed 6 inch up to 8 lbs. The bigger fish were caught at a boat dock where they dressed the fish. I do not have a boat and my health stops me, on getting to carried away, on finding fishing locations. Maybe you can give me some use full advice on finding some good places and methods to catch catfish at lakes in Oklahoma, and I really love a good fish fry after a good days fishing.

  2. Chad
    Do you have any suggestions on bait, locations and areas for lake Bridgeport for catching large catfish?

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