1. Hey Chad, what bait would you suggest using for juglines right now for smaller channel catfish. Normally I use your soap bait but since it’s not avalible right now I want to try some different baits.

  2. I have owned a 5 ft cast net for 20 yrs. Every spring I take it out and try to throw it but after 20 yrs I have yet to get it to open! Can’t anyone post a good video that shows how to throw a net? I have done exactly as hundreds of videos tell how to throw a net and still mine never did open!

  3. Are you the Chad Ferguson that grew up on West Cheryl in Hurst Texas? If so I am Roberts father and now live in S.C. I went on line to help me with my cast net and saw your site. Send me a email if you have time.

  4. Great article.. I have had trouble catching winter shad…it has definitely been a net issue now that I see your post.. Thanks.. The cats and stripers are shit outta luck now…

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