1. Chad, I would like to thank you for the time you put in writing these articles. I feel like I’ve learned alot from these. I’ve been reading your posts for a couple years now. We fish alot of local catch and release tournaments in upstate SC. I also try to spread the word of cpr with big catfish. Do you sell any hard copies of your books and where would I go to purchase these and other of your products. Thanks for reading
    and good luck with your brand.
    Rocky Childress

  2. Great article! The only point I would disagree with is the hooks. I’ve used gamakatsu octopus hooks since I started catfishing, (roughly 10 years ago, not nearly as long as you have been) and I’ve never had one break or much less bend. I’ve only had a few that even dulled. I’m sold on them. Not saying they can’t or won’t fail, it just hasn’t happened to me yet. But like I said, great article man, keep it up!

      • I’m with Kris, I’ve fished Gamakatsu for at least ten years and though I’ve never caught anything over 65pounds I have caught tons of fish, literally tons and tons on these hooks, hung up only God knows how many times and have never seen one break. Keep up the good articles and tight lines.

      • Chad you must work for Eagle Claw because 90% of the guys in our tournament circle use Gamakatsu hooks because they don’t fail. If any of us would have hook problems we would share that info with the whole league. The 8/0 octopus is on most rigs because they work.

        • Nope, I don’t work for or use Eagle Claw hooks. I’ve lost too many big fish due to broken hooks when using Gamakatsu and it’s a known issue for other many other anglers as well but of they work for you then use them.

  3. As always learned a lot from your winter tips. I have not received anything from you in a long time and I need all the help I can get. Hope you put me back on your mailing list.

  4. Good advice, all around. I catch mainly 10 to 20pounders at times.really cheap hooks, because the river I fish has some tough structure.50 lb. Line stays intact, sometimes hooks bend, I use pliers to fix. I find most cats hook in corner of the mouth.let ’em run around, then bring ’em for me

  5. I fish the Great Salt Plains and Canton Reservoir (Oklahoma). I fish off the rip rap in the winter in deep water. If you can’t net fresh shad, shad gizzards are pretty hard to beat. Their a little hard to find so if you run across some you need to buy several pints. It kind of takes the pressure off of you to find live shad before you can get to fishing! I enjoyed your article….I’m a slip sinker fisherman and enjoyed reading about that Santee Rig.

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