Spring Blue Catfish on Fox Sports Outdoors (Southwest Outdoors Report)

Spring Blue Catfish Chad Ferguson Fox Sports OutdoorsIt’s time again for another episode of Fox Sports Outdoors hosted by yours truly!

Back in December I posted an episode of the Southwest Outdoors Report on Fox Sports Southwest I hosted on Drift Fishing For Winter Catfish.

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve since joined the team at Fox Sports Outdoors as their catfish pro and will be hosting a number of episodes in 2014 and the next show is coming up this week!

Spring Blue Catfish With Chad Ferguson on Fox Sports Outdoors

The name of the show has changed from Southwest Outdoors Report to Fox Sports Outdoors so be sure to take note when you set your DVR to record this show!

The show is also now airing on two stations, Fox Sports South and Fox Sports Southwest (covering a lot more states and water bodies now).

This weeks show covers tips and techniques for locating and catching blue catfish this spring.

If you’re looking for ways to locate and catch blue catfish this spring then check out the show below. It’s jam packed with action and actionable tips that will work through the spring to help you catch more catfish.

Some of what’s covered in this show includes:

  • Catfish rigs for Spring blue catfish in shallow water, how to rig and why.
  • Using side imaging or sidescan sonar to locate shallow water blue catfish.
  • How to locate shallow water blues in the spring without sonar.
  • Soe simple keps to locating fish to help you along and what to watch for to help you find fish.


Spring Blue Catfish: Full Episode

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Want More On How To Catch Spring Blue Catfish?

If you’d like to get more in depth details on locating and catching blue catfish in the spring check out our Spring Blue Catfish Techniques ebook.

This covers everything you need to know for instant success locating and catching blue catfish throughout the spring and all the step by step details you need. This is exactly how I locate and catch catfish on guide trips.



Article Name
Spring Blue Catfish on Fox Sports Outdoors (Southwest Outdoors Report)
Techniques for locating and catching spring blue catfish with Chad Ferguson on Fox Sports Outdoors with Chad Ferguson. Cutting edge catfishing this spring.
Summer Channel Catfish Techniques


  1. Phillip says

    Congratulations on joining Fox Sports Outdoors!! Looking forward to watching the episodes, although I’ll have to wait until they are posted since we only get Fox Sports Midwest.

  2. Steven Webb says

    HI chad will their be more stuff on side scan from your webb page thanks for all the tips and tricks

  3. Josh DeBoard says

    Nice Chad good to see ya movin up and getting Catfishing closer to a game fish. Love your work man!!

  4. Michael says

    Hi Chad, CONGRATULATION’S on hooking up with Fox Sports !! Thank you for sharing your wealth of information and experience with all of us. Take care, and as you would say, Tight Lines my friend.

  5. Matthew says

    Hey Chad where did you get the floats and what is the difference in them? Also do you ever use egg sinkers or sinker slides, because I thought you said somewhere that you only keep no roll sinkers.

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